Wednesday, November 18, 2009

River Crusin'

The same day last week, I met up with Anodize and Rachie for some Awfully Chocolate.

Then all of a sudden I find myself having late dinner with Rachie, TK and his client at Timbre @ Arts House. The weather was great and because we were bored, TK whipped out his handy iPhone for the Truth or Dare game. Mm hmm. Most of the Dare we did it, except for one that is TK has to lick his feet. 0,0

After which, the client wanted to take the River Cruise and we tagged along.

I've never felt like a tourist in my home country!! Point being, it can sometimes be nice to meet new people, this one being Australian and just enjoy the company of both my old and new friends.

I'm glad I met them.

On the way back, an old man fell over in the middle of the road. His bicycle fell and the heavy stuffs that came with it fell. TK pulled over while the guys went to helped him up. THAT is kind.

*Scribbles in black book* Rachel not as good girl as she seems. :P


In other news, hosting again tomorrow at the same time 11.30AM to 3.30PM @ Raffles Xchange!

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