Friday, November 20, 2009

A Letter From Taiwan

My Yi Po from Taiwan sent over a letter containing some pictures we took over there! Apparently the official photographer of the wedding took our pictures and developed them out. :D

I still think I look more like dad and she looks more like mom. Her eyes are bigger and chio-er!

Grandma, who looks similar to Yi Po, was mistaken as the groom's mom the whole afternoon!

Family photo which I was absent for because I was pooping in the loo, just right behind the walls.

The bride's dress looks so pretty. Well, at least something this sweet in pink that I like...

I'm sorry we were too bored while waiting for the guests, we didn't really know anyone!! Didn't know we got taken in this one anyway. Heh...

Sigh. I miss Yi Po and Tiu Gong, Taiwan, food, shopping, and the neighbours over there. I hope I can save up enough to go visit them again. :(

For now, it's Bangkok next.

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