Friday, June 25, 2010

Bolt Eardarts

When I went Taiwan last year, I chanced upon these gorgeous pair of ear darts:
I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and I knew I need to have them (which I did). I only started using them in February after the old earphones died and it served me surprisingly well.

Only that the good times didn't last. :(

During the second week, it had been dipped in my cup of water twice due to my carelessness. However, nothing went wrong and the audio effects were still great.

The following week when I brought it out on a test drive with my new bicycle (what a TERRIBLE mistake!), one side of the ear darts was being pulled off because of the entanglement with the bicycle.

Extremely pissed off with myself.

I was elated to find that Indiesin sells them and bought it immediately (though I find it odd they sell it at $13).

When I bought it from Taiwan, it wasn't this cheap. It was such a disappointment to find what Indiesin had mailed to me is far from what I had expected. The box was smashed pretty badly and the earphones were almost crushed.  Besides, the earphones were "fake". The quality was so bad, and the printed design can be easily scraped off. I had to use my black markers to colour them in. =,=

Seriously after this incident I really don't trust Indiesin for their quality in their products.

The original one I had can still be used now (although only the left side), whereas the one from Indiesin had long went faulty because the wires jut out and is no longer in my possession.

Any kind soul who is going to Taiwan soon can help me get this pair of ear darts again? (I will let you know where I get them, drop me a message!)

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