Monday, June 28, 2010

Choir With The Folks

Back in May, I was involved in a choir performance with the veteran singers at 新加坡福建会馆歌唱团。

On the performance night at Victoria Concert Hall, I swear even the primary school choir kids from Nan Chiau and Tao Nan sang so much better than us. Heh.

Luckily for us, we were the guest performers, representing the 青年 group. Songs we performed include:
1)  It's So Hard To Say Goodbye (Acapella)
2)油炸糕、香又脆 (Hokkien)
3)   歌声与欢笑 (Mandarin, with actions)
4)感恩的心 (Mandarin, with actions)

My first performance without any form of rehearsal on stage beforehand. Hahaha. Nervous but a good experience! A friend took a video of us and uploaded on FB but unfortunately she has quit FB and thus no more video!

Spot me! Woots.

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