Saturday, June 26, 2010

Parrot Tulips

The previous entry on birds and pictures of parrots led to today's post on Parrot Tulips.

I received them on the night I went to visit the Double Helix Bridge. After an Anderson JC choir concert, it came as a pleasant surprise to receive a huge bouquet of flowers.

Happy because it's not any special day per se, not Valentine's Day nor my birthday. Not my favourite flower, but close enough. Heh.

Tulips are not a common sight in Singapore or Asia because it requires a relatively low temperature to grow. Often, you have to pre-order them from florists and they will send them over from Holland. They became my favourite when my non-blood related "Sister" got married and that was the flower bouquet they chose for her wedding.

Parrot tulips are classified as a mid-season flowering tulip. They have unique petals that can be feathered, curled, twisted. They're still bulbous, and comes in many different, flamboyant colours. Mine was in green - like a mini cabbage. (Refer to pic on right)

 I'm not sure why but QQ seems to be loving a certain scent of the bouquet. When I came home with it, she was staring at the bunch of cabbage-looking flowers and a little tail wagging furiously.

I let her come near and sniff, then she started licking and nibbling on them!

By the way, the flowers sort of withered the following day. :(
What a pity. Still, gonna have tulips for my wedding (if I ever get married)!

P.S. Thank you for the 小菠菜。^^

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