Saturday, June 12, 2010

Japanese Dessert Made From Black Sugar

Tucked in a corner of Liang Court located at the basement opposite Tampopo Deli, is a cozy Japanese restaurant (pardon me there's so many there that I cannot remember the name!).

A number of Japanese businessmen decked in their shirts and suits was spotted having ramen for dinner.  The outlook of the restaurant is vintage, and is decorated with cute knick-knacks. The staff were apparently, all Japanese!

The main courses were typical and rather expensive, but their dessert stood out strongly.

I had this dessert in January so I cannot think back on what it's called, but I know it's made from black sugar. Dip it with whipped cream, put it in your mouth, it melts instantly. Om nom nom.

For 8 pieces, it costs $8.80 per plate.  Thank you Yvonne and Cheow Yong for the dinner farewell treat back then! :)

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