Tuesday, June 15, 2010

NC Alumni Dance Camp

I am aching in pain as I take my seat to come up with this blog entry. Ouch.

My past weekend was spent fruitfully, spending a night over at Nan Chiaiu Primary School (no, that's not where I previously studied) for their Dance Camp.

It's something new that the Alumni came up with, and I'm glad I joined in. The four types of dance that we touched on was something I thought out of my league prior to the camp, and thus I decided to give it a shot since I have nothing going on now. Heh.

Dances I tried were Jazz Funk by Nash, LA Hip Hop by Ash (walao,totally cannot tell that he's Malay...), Hip Hop by Eve (... or that she was Indonesian.) and Popping by Marcus (muahaha, yes I am good at stalking) in chronological order.

Apparently they are all instructors from either Danz People or O School. 

By the end of the second lesson on the first day I was so mentally drained I wasn't aware what my body was doing. It was out of my control. :(

On the second day it became worse, the first lesson whizzed by and I already felt like giving up and head for the sleeping bag in the next room. :/

Nevertheless I pushed on and it was rewarding, but I guess I still prefer Chinese and/or Contemporary dance.
Pictures and videos will be uploaded on FB. Heh. 

Now it's time to curl back in bed. Aaaaah~

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