Sunday, June 20, 2010

Six Months After Christmas 09

Six months down, and only now do I post up Nuffnang's Christmas Party photos. =,= (Not that I have a lot to post.) In fact, I only have 2. Haha.

Well I was busy, and thus the delay. :(

Nuffnang rented the biggest space at K Suites for the invited bloggers - inside completed with a pool table, area to play console games and of course, unlimited karaoke sessions.

The night was enjoyable with new friends made - Pei Ling and Joanne.

I itchy backside, went to take part in the karaoke competition and left after I lost in its semi-finals. Heh.

It was also the same night that Nuffnang introduced a group called the Glitterati + (plus). I was formerly in it but I may have dropped out due to the lack of blogging entries the past six months. :.(

Hope to see you all back in the blogging real soon! :)

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