Friday, August 13, 2010

GV Yishun Renovation Party

Tuesday night marks the day Golden Village Yishun had its last movie screening before it undergoes a facelift, expected to be reopened in Nov 2010.

It was a pleasure it be there at the event. The theme for the night was "Phua Chu Kang" or Contractor, and I had a hard time thinking of what to wear for the event!

There were posters and enormous standees all over GV Yishun and after collecting the yellow goodie bag, I met the other fellow bloggers.

From left to right: William, HP, Mint (love that name!) and Yong Wei.

And yes, William, Mint and I all brought our measuring rulers as accessories. Heh.

But only William and I dressed up in crisp white shirts to create the PCK feel. My glittery tights and high hairdo with wooden stick is to bring out the Rosie in me.

We were interviewed by the omy crew on our experiences at GV Yishun.

Mint and Yong Wei are so cute, they had ink stamps with the blog URLs and Mint even had a quote :"BEST IN SPORE & JB, N NOW IN MOVIES".

Guests were served with a cocktail reception before the movie commence. I was late, so I only grabbed a little bit, still hungry!

We then proceed to the stage to take pictures,  this time with even more bloggers including Silver.

We were seated at Hall 8 (GV Yishun is the first multi-cineplex in Singapore, and it holds 10 theatres where avid movie goers like us can watch movies concurrently), ready to catch Phua Chu Kang The Movie, out in cinemas today!

Cute PCK Advert:


PCK The Movie is a slapstick comedy as we would have expected, but overall it is still rather pleasant and you'll still find yourself laughing-out-loud at PCK's really childish behaviour.

After the movie, it wasn't the end of the event but there were stage games. I rather like this emcee, he did a rather good job to engage the crowd.

Super enthu participant, who went to queue up at Hall 6 upon hearing we can take a souvenir home from the theatre.

One of the highlights of the night is the appearance of PCK and Rosie themselves, totally in character. Green Man thinks they're fantastic, able to stay in character for so long.

They shared about filming in Kuala Lumpur, English pronunciation, and the differences between PCK sitcom series and film.

The event ended with all invited guests bringing a piece of GV Yishun 10 home!

Look what Mint had taken back with her:

Authentic movie posters, GV carpet (unbelievable but true), vintage GV photos and seat plates!

I was one of the last guests to enter Hall 6, check out the queue. 0,0

While waiting I was reading on GV Yishun's history and looked at the items on display - they were old ticket stubs, photographs of staff, promotional collaterals and even...

First GV uniform in 1992! (I think this uniform is great, why is it changed to oversized red shirts now?!)

Finally the demolition hall where I get to pick my choices!

Lelong lelong!

Doesn't it look like a flea market in here?

Anything within the Demolition Hall can be brought home! The posters and cardboard standees included.

Cut-outs of GV first lush carpet and number plates of theatre seats.

As I was heading towards the exit, I saw staff members unscrewing chairs....why?

New owners of the (old) seats!

Somebody (above) wants to bring home the theatre seats, for real and it's allowed okay!

Uncle requested for the armrest and cup holder to be packed.

I was seriously toying with the idea of bringing the Aftershock board home. Heh. I couldn't find any Harry Potter poster and my house haven't got any space to put anything else, so we both went home empty handed, but extremely contented. :)

I had wanted Green Man to join in the fun to dress up as well. However, it was very unsuccessful, just based on how unhappy he looks here.
He was supposed to be Chu Beng, Chu Kang's geeky brother. He had the attire, the specs, but the styling of hair was absolutely IMPOSSIBLE. Even I gave up. :(

So my outfit was supposed to be Rosie-inspired, complete with accessories, the hair and heels. But the problem was it was pouring like mad yesterday and I couldn't walk in heels. Therefore I changed my mind and went ahead with black boots and oversized boyfriend shirt.

It was not my first time to GV Yishun, (was just there a couple of months ago to catch Ice Kachang Puppy Love with mom and Green Man), and it will definitely not be my last! Looking forward to its opening in November 2010!

Thank you OMY! :D

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