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Pizza Hut's NEW Parchment Pasta!

5 days ago on 25 August, Pizza Hut had launched its two new creations named En Papillote (which means "cooked in paper"). The name's too hard to remember? I agree! Since the two pastas are indeed cooked in paper, and to be more specific - Parchment Paper- the pastas are aptly called Parchment Pasta.

The day before these two items were launched, I, along with other 19 bloggers/ foodies, were invited to a food tasting session. We were told to head down to the Pizza Hut @ Suntec with an empty stomach, for we a gastronomic feast awaits us (and it's true).

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To begin with, meeting familiar faces there certainly helped ease the tension. Besides, it's always easy to make new friends over good food.

The Pizza Hut team had really put in effort to decorate the venue just for us, with balloons, tableware and even a banner that says "Pasta Bloggers"!

Their service staff were so attentive and efficient I had absolutely nothing to whine about. Settling comfortably in, we each chose a drink we fancy to go with the meal. I was recommended the Emerald Sparkle, so that was my choice for the night.

Following that, we had side dishes/ appetizers served one after another, starting with the Seafood Tofu Salad.

Priced at $6.90, you get a good and healthy portion of veggies, straw mushrooms, crispy noodles and of course, seafood tofu chunks topped with Italian dressing. Toss them altogether and enjoy with your friends.

The two other dishes that comes with it are the Chicken Riblets (bet you didn't know they have that!) and the famous Hut's Platter.

The Chicken Riblets is one of my favourites now, where the outside is fried till crispy while the meat inside remains tender and succulent. This one costs $5.80 for 4 pieces.

The signature Hut's Platter ($12.50) includes 4 sweet ‘n’ spicy drumlets, criss cross fries, 4 calamari rings and 4 scallop rolls(SO GOOD).

By then, I knew I had to slow down on the appetisers if not I won't be able to sustain till the main course! 

Introducing the two new Parchment Pastas - Char-grilled Chicken Parchment & Spicy Seafood Parchment - that are cooked wrapped in 'parchment' paper to lock the aroma of the spices and ingredients with the pasta. 

The pasta is served like that with the wooden peg where you get to keep it as a memorabilia. 

Unwrapping the rich Char-grilled Chicken Parchment, the aroma of garlic and creamy, buttery chicken hit me. It comes with chunks of turkey bacon, fresh button mushroom, garlic and capsicums with spaghetti doused in cream sauce. 

I've always been a cream-based Pasta eater, so I really liked it! It's good enough that I didn't have to put cheese. However, some bloggers find that it is high on the sodium. You can get your Char-grilled Chicken Parchment fix at $11.90.

Named Spicy Seafood Parchment, the bloggers had a debate on whether it is not spicy enough or too spicy. Some bloggers like Yu Xiang and Shine keeps adding more chilli flakes to their pasta! Others, like Wendy, was requesting for more water to fight the fire in her mouth. 

 Here's a mini clip of what to expect when you order the Spicy Seafood Parchment:

This is priced at $12.90, pay a dollar more for the big mussels,  fresh prawns and squids! 

Like I mentioned earlier that the parchment paper seals the delightful flavour, thus retains the natural sweetness of the seafood, leaving me yearning for more. I keep thinking it was some herbs that gave this pasta that sweet, sour and spicy combination.

 Melissa had Basil Crayfish Pasta that looks like this:
I forgot to ask her how it tastes like, but she did enjoyed the dinner.

In the end, I actually preferred the Spicy Seafood Parchment. Heh.We had both Parchment Pastas at its actual portion, so it was really too much for me. William though, finished EVERYTHING. I have no idea how he did it. 

He even wanted to kop food from out table! Hurhur.


After the mains comes the dessert. We enjoyed the best of both worlds with A Tale of Two Temptations ($5.50), a brownie cheesecake and banana choco mousse cake.  Though shared among the six of us (at my table), I finished 3/4 of the banana choco one alone. Hurhur. 

Before we go, I had hot tea and we were given a token of appreciation. I brought home with spaghetti, tin box (for storing pasta), tomato pasta base sauce and even an apron!
I find the copy rather 'cheesi-ly' suitable
William and I was in the mood to play dress up using the given aprons: 


Wonder if I would ever cook the spaghetti and base sauce before its expiry date! :p I cannot cook for nuts. Even with guidance, something's bound to go wrong since I'm such a klutz! Will Green Man ever get to try my cooking? He briefly mentioned he would report sick the following day if I were to make him eat the food I cooked. :/

Because I was in the mood for some arts&craft, I decided to recreate my own parchment paper! 
This is the original Pizza Hut's Parchment Paper:

And this is my process of doing so (first time doing a video too):

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