Thursday, September 9, 2010

Studying in an American School Within Singapore

Oh my 天,I cannot believe how busy I am ever since school started last week. This is only the second week and I’ve already done 2 quizzes, submitted an essay outline and have even two pending projects.

And I thought my school was “sucky” in terms of education, but now I actually think otherwise. So far, all my lecturers are either the really serious (boring but good) about their teaching, or provoking (in a good manner) types.

I especially enjoy my Sociology classes, where my instructor really engages the class and always got me thinking about the questions she throws at us during the lectures. Besides, we recapped some of what I had learnt before, and watched videos like the Zimbardo Prison Experiment and Stanley Milgram Experiment!

Here are the video clips if you want to find out more about how Authority "gives" Power, and see how it can manipulate men to turn good people into evil people(there’s a book on this behaviour too by the way).

Original clip of Dr. Zimbardo's Prison Experiment:

Examples of the Stanley Milgram Obedience Test:


Since I’m at it, I’ll also be blogging at this Wordpress blog for one of my modules, so please hop over there weekly and join in the discussions. What I expect is that there’ll be heated arguments (as it always have when it comes to me, sadly), but this time round I'll try to think from both POVs before I respond. Heh.

On a side note, I've found the perfect venue for me to have my afternoon tea and do work or revision (during exam periods). It's conveniently located between school and home, and I love the atmosphere there. For selfish reasons I don't wish to announce its name and location, because it's a newly opened cafe and I would really love for it would remain clean, cosy and quiet! 

Perhaps you already know where that is?
Till next time,


Yoyo said...

yaaa, school's moving so fast its scary ><. Experiments!!! oh yea, let's jia you for projs kay =)

Thiang! said...

"Landua" De :p (kidding!)>> Yeah! I haven't even copied or print 1st week's notes. Argh. :(

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