Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows (Part I)

You're hearing this from an avid Harry Potter fan's point of view: The movie is forgettable!

Yes, I am a little disappointed with latest installment in the HP series. I'm pretty sure the tickets for most shows are still selling hot like pancakes, but luckily for me I pre-ordered my pair a week before it was released. Heh. Still upset that I didn't have any way to get preview tickets!

Although the movie was more of a yawn fest for me than a magical ride, nevertheless I'm still captivated by the excellent graphics and brilliant (UK-influence you see) actors. Absolutely adore Snape! Did you notice that Harry have got a sense of humour now too?

Why is it forgettable? I read it in the F*** magazine, where they was an interview with Rupert Grint and they were discussing about a particular make-out scene between Ron and Hermione, but I cannot recall it at al!! All I'm getting is (SPOILER): When Ron attempts to destroy the Horcrux (necklace), he saw the vision of Harry and Hermione kissing, both topless.

Admittedly, tears strolled down my cheeks uncontrollably when Dobby died (is not spoiler because you should have read it in the book!)!! Don't you just hate movies where the directors cleverly plant a extremely touching scene at the end - leaving you in tears - and then the theatre lights up, leaving your tear-stained face in full view?! It doesn't help when the person sitting next to you starts laughing at you. :/

No matter what, I'll still want to experience and collect anything that is HP-related! I heard that GV is giving out EZ-link card decal with every 2 tickets purchased! Dang, I watched it in Cathay.

I have been asking around on my social media platform on how to get the movie poster. Though I tried to pull a few strings, word has it that it is almost impossible to get one. :(

 So if you have any unwanted HP stuff, please throw them this way! :D

In conjunction to the the movie, look what I found when I was snooping around in tumblr:

Super-mega-awesomest cake EVER!!! This is my dream cake, complete with The Sorting Hat, Nimbus 2000 and Hedwig!

A quick tracing of who and where I can get my hands on these lovelies...

In PERTH. :.(

Any local bakeries/baker you know can recreate something like this?


The biggest news today has got to be North Korea - South Korea border firing, resulting in at least 2 deaths and 16 injured marines. Imagine if NK successfully create and misuse the nuclear bomb, it'll wipe Singapore and Johor Bahru off with one big mushroom left handing over our heads.

Amidst this gloom,  Porcupine sure knows how to cheer me up. So this is for you:



JayWalk said...

Like many movie adaptations, they always killed the book.

Book is always the better option.

I recommend you read the books if you haven't already done so.

I even have a copy of the fake version of The Deathly Hallows.

Surprisingly an enjoyable read.

p.s. Yeah. Harry popped his cherry in the fake Deathly Hallow edition.

Thiang! said...

Fully agreed. Of course I have read the books! Twice! Not re-reading it again.

Haha, kindly pass me the fake copy? I have "extended" version, of how they lived after Voldemort died. But I don't like reading e-books.

In this movie, it's weird to see Ginny seduce Harry!

So cute, what about Ron?!

JayWalk said...

Here's the link:

Thiang! said...

Thanks, downloaded it. Haha. Powered by Blogger.