Thursday, February 17, 2011

G+ Meet-up 2011

And so it's now official.

I am the new Vice President of the G+ Committee. Along with HP, the new President, we'll be leading a committee of 7 people and 109 new G+ members. We're psyched, but I'm a little afraid, not knowing if I'll be up to their expectations.

The big event was held on the last Sunday of January, lasting a total of four hours held at Sinema Old School.

Since over the past year I've been there quite a few times, I'm rather familiar with the location. Sinema is often associated with screenings of local films, providing a platform to showcase local work as well as production/support for the local filmmaking movement.

In the month of February, they are showcasing four local films - cin(t)a, 18 Grams of Love, The Negative Effect and When Hainan Meets Teochew. Each ticket costs S$10 and you can book the via online.

So anyway, because I was late and it was pouring heavily outside, I didn't manage to doll up and if you ask me, I looked terrible. Still, I received compliments with the boots (Dr.Marts FTW!), hehe.

The G+ Beta had left me a seat in the first row, right smack in the middle next to Bong Qiu Qiu, which to  be honest made me feel rather awkward! The screen flashed the WORD of the day. Everybody in the theatre have already started tweeting away.

Sinema kindly sponsored the venue and we got to watch all four trailers. I'll most probably be catching 18 Grams of Love using the pair of complimentary tickets. ^^

All the bloggers then proceed with the ice-breaking game. I was up for anything, and since the whole purpose of the game was to meet NEW people, I joined a group of girls who sat somewhere near the back. 

In groups of 5, bloggers have to complete tasks and take Polaroid shots along with the challenge stated.

The whole theatre was  in complete pandemonium, grabbing whatever opportunity to take Polaroid shots.

That's Janessa of wakingupfamous, one of the five nominated candidates. She's now officially in charge of Events.

HP of Hpility, current President of G+ committee. He's probably the most well connected blogger amongst us.

So the first three groups to complete the task will win a S$10 Starbucks card each and Bong Qiu Qiu's team emerged top.

Each of them introduced themselves and where they blog.

The second group are made up of the more prominent bloggers in the community like TypicalBen, Jayleif, Esther and Monoxious.

Then it was our turn to introduce ourselves to the audience and "pull votes". Ming said that was too easy, so we had to come up with an improvised speech on the spot and tell them why they should vote for us.

All very nervous. HP won the hearts of the bloggers by wanting to organise a trip to Malaysia and visit the Nuffnang community over there. To be honest, that won me over too.

During break time, I went to collect our instant prints.

When we came back, I was chatting with Taqinah and her friend when they said they wanted to take pictures with Jayden. I was like,  erm erm erm, should I too? Hurhur. Reason being, he inspires me as a designer and I really like his work, fashion, etc.  SO YES. I did take a picture with him. And he told me he voted for me. Hurhur. Something that brightened up my otherwise horrible weekend (external stuff).

After the break, Bong Qiu Qiu, TypicalBen and Esther of The Miracle Season each gave a short presentation on how to blog better/effectively. The points they brought up were rather refreshing, no wonder they have thousands of visits per day.

Guest speaker Dr. Leslie Tay of ieatishootipost had the stage for the longest time. His speech was really inspiring, and was made even more interesting with his jokes.

The only thing that really put me off was his incessant to stroll left and right of the theatre constantly. Imagine siting in the middle of the front row, listening and looking intently, that drives me dizzy.

He was also promoting his new food book, The End of Char Kuay Teow And Other Hawker Mysteries. He gave away five of those to the audience who answered his rather tough questions. Oh wait, two of which didn't, they won because they were pure Teochews like him. -,- Haha.

Nevertheless it was an insightful talk, and to our surprise, HP and I also received his new books because we became the President and VP of G+.

Like a fan girl,  I queued for our books to be autographed.

As seen here:

Love the quote: Never waste your calories on yucky food! [But I always do. :( ]

Before I leave I even took a picture with SuperKawaiiMama, love her style to death! She's a chio and hot mom of two, I must learn from her.

This is with Amanda, Nuffnang new Community Manager.

And Boss Ming himself!

Stuff I brought home with me:

The next G+ event will be organized by us, coming March! Stay tuned. :)

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