Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Rabbit New Year!

Another year has passed and as we enter the Year of the Rabbit, it's also the time for gluttony too! The perfect excuse to indulge in excess hongbaos, bakkwa, makeup and clothes.

I used to dislike Chinese New Year (CNY), but I think as I grow older, it kinda grows on me as well. But did you notice? With the increment in your age, the lesser hongbaos you receive. :/

Anyway, I've been busy eating my heart out at two reunion dinners - one at 和平饭店 along Macpherson Road, the other at a coffee house in Elias Mall.

My favourite dish is not abalone nor shark's fin, but Yu Sheng:

We put all the healthy ingredients into a huge plate, topped with salmon slices, sweet sauce and crackers, and we toss them all together while shouting words of good luck. Recently, "HUAT AH" is more popular since it's of a lesser syllable and fun to say.

I didn't realise that most of the pictures I took are all of Yu Sheng. :/ Guess I must really like it  then. :P

Dinner at 和平饭店 was so good, I only took a shot of the sharks' fin soup, and for the rest of it I just focused on eating.

Meeting the relatives on the paternal side always make me feel funny, since we only meet once a year. The atmosphere was awkward, and the siblings will always giggle among themselves (I'm guilty of that!). For most of it, we were just typing furiously away on our phones. However, I tried to break the ice by asking if they have a Facebook account. Yes, we aren't even friends on FB. How can?!

People who meet on Twitter, blog events, clubbing...are already friends on FB, and we're not! Odd phenomenon if you ask me.

Sometimes I wonder if reunion dinners are obligatory.

Because of the dinner at 和平饭店, last night's dinner at Elias Mall seemed sub-standard. No idea why the Yu Sheng tastes so sour. :(

Still, the coffee house was mad packed and workers buzzing around. Their staff were as young as primary 4 kids!

That's me, caught slipping a strand of radish while the others while happily tossing.

For some strange reason, ah gong heard that rubbing the orange skin on his bald head will help his hair growth. -,- Nevermind because we all had a good time laughing at it! Nothing beats a happy family dinner. :3

The television set at home has decided to break down a few days before CNY and so it was a very quiet countdown last night. Dad was streaming China's celebration programme in his room, while Sis and I were busy doing our nails.

Cute or not? Bunny and carrots, geddit?

And this morning, I woke up early in the hope of heading out early to play Mahjong, but Sis and Momster took 2 hours to get ready. I ended up entertaining myself with shots of QQ and decoration in the house.

Love the flowers I picked last night from SinFlora. It has becoming an annual tradition that we will pick up pussy willow and flowers after reunion dinner, then I'll arrange them and complete the rest of the set up.

QQ celebrates CNY too!

Outfit for CNY Day 1:
Sis (right) received lots of compliments today from the elderly.

I did not intend to wear this initially, this teal dress has been sitting in my wardrobe for three years now. I wanted to wear the disgusting cheongsam from Far East Plaza since I already paid so much for it, but it was really awful. Even the parents were teasing me. I look like a manager/waitress from the Chinese restaurant featured in those stupid US comedies. -,-

So yeah, the elderly liked this outfit. Conservative, sweet, mature... right. I made it better by pairing the long dress (I have a short body) with my stilettos. Hehehe. 

During lunch at Aunt's house, there's a family staying opposite her with a large collection of shoes. Out of curiosity and amazement, I asked. They have five children, that explains it. They have enough shoes to open a shop!

Last stop of the day is my favourite hideout at Gujie's.

That's my family friend-sister, the strong career woman.

And little Rachel who seems to be a little under the weather. :/

With Gujie!

All together, plus my messed up hair.

Looking forward to more visiting tomorrow! ^^ Just eat don't think! Laugh out loud! Happy Lunar New Year! 

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