Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Good Life

Gearing up for tomorrow's Johnnie Walker Jet Black Party! Yes I won the contest! So excited! I still have extra invites so if you wanna come, just drop me a message or something. :D

"The ultimate VIP race party"


A little random but I found a couple of pictures I took at St.Regis when I went there to attend a wedding dinner in January.

It was the grandest wedding I've ever seen, what with a dancefloor (and guests actually filled them up rather quickly and danced!), live band,  and dishes served individually.

This was the appetizer/ cold dish. So freakin' yummy.

No wonder St.Regis is known as atas! Even the door gift is so pretty. An exquisite papercut box filled with Hershey's chocolates and a cup warmer.

 Note the table setup! We had like 6-8 utensils by our sides we didn't know which one to use. 0,0

Can't believe I dressed down for the event because P said," Aiyah, is you getting married or people getting married??" It turned out that almost every girl in the room came in a gown, 4" stilettos, hair and face all specially done up. Arse.

So anyway the food is really nice and I stopped taking pictures after this coz' I was just focusing on eating.

The happy couple also had their photoshoot with this foreign photography studio and I LOVE IT.  The theme was so cute - Love Polarity.

Congrats Shu Yee and Gundy, have a blissful marriage! 

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