Friday, April 1, 2011

ION Pets' Day Out

Seldom am I required to be ON the stage, but it was a pleasant surprise when I was asked to go on stage twice in the same weekend.

I'm talking about the mid-March week where I hosted and attended ION Pets' Day Out. The day before QQ's fashion show,  there was a morning rehearsal so I had to cab down. She was so excited that she shrieked on end.

Understandably it's her first time there (at ION) and she's just so curious about everything! Oh there's a flower! Oh there's grass! Oh this spot smells right! OH DOG DOG DOG I SEE A SIMILAR SPECIES AS ME!!!

On the day itself I'm very grateful that Porc made to it the show last minute because he was called back at work. He even sent us home to wash up. <3

Q-ti Pie'

QQ in shadow cut

I had to send QQ  for grooming and quite obviously she is supposed to be a long-haired dog with short hair. Nevertheless, I tried to make her look cute by giving her the round cut around the mouth area and "skirting" for the body!

And that's her trying to charge towards a male poodle. She was in heat. :/

QQ in her first outfit, yellow polka-dotted denim dress. 

I thought long and hard to came up with a matching outfit for myself!

Can you spot the similarity? :P 

A group photo-taking session before the show

One of my favourite puppies on show. This shy girl wouldn't budge during rehearsal! Such a dear!

Another one, of her sticking her tongue out! :P

Lining up in order, hitting the 'red carpet'

Grace & Stella (as Snow White!)

Meet Grace and Stella the Dachshund. I didn't know Grace and TK were friends until the actual day! :3 I have a soft spot for Dachshund (especially a puppy!) because Omimi is one too.

That's Q with her exhausted smile 

QQ caught in an awkward catwalk moment

QQ as a ladybug is so adorable (at least to me lah). Sis has been making her wear the outfit ever since she got home. Somehow QQ smells better when she wears clothes, weird.

Kudos to this pretty lady (envy her features luh, she didn't even require much makeup) who dressed both herself and her Malamute as Princess and Angel. Check out the wings and halo!

A group photo-taking session after the show

QQ paying attention to me while Rachel took this shot

During rehearsal: QQ trying out her second outfit

This is the yellow trench coat I bought for QQ and my Zara coat was bought to match this, but who knew we both didn't get to wear it. But to be fair, I wouldn't want to wear that on Sunday either, the weather was terribly humid.

TK and Rachel came down to the event too, bringing Bear, Bruno and Ozzie along with them. :D

The folks from OIC were there as well to draw portraits for dogs and owners. TK got his done much earlier on and I was only free to do it after. It was a disaster when Bruno came over wanting to erm, go for QQ's bottom and drooled ALL OVER ME. It's not just a small amount; my skirt changed colour (due to moisture) entirely.

A soft pastel portrait of QQ and me. 

I like it but I wish she drew me a smaller face. :/ And providing me with a frame/folder would be ideal.

Here's her goodie bag from Pets Lover Centre for her cooperation (or rather, participation). I gave the chicken treats to Omimi (Porc's dog) and the lint roller to stick up all the excessive fur on his bed.

NOTE: Pictures taken by RACHEL TEO and some from SHYALALA.

Thank you <3 for supporting Q and I,  Rachel for the great pictures and Sophie for giving us the opportunity.

 Go fool somebody today!!!
 I've already been fooled once!

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