Sunday, April 10, 2011

J-Obsession 2011

Rewind three weekends ago and I’m standing on the stage outside The Cathay, presenting J-Obsession 2011. Granted I may not be a fan of the Japanese music and Cosplay, but I still enjoy watching One Piece, listen to L'arc-en-ciel, and admire the youths' passion to dress up as their favourite characters.

This is the second year Cathay organised this event, and it was still a hit among the Japanese enthusiasts in Singapore. Many came down on both Friday and Saturday to support local Jap bands and cosplayers.

Ova Hito channels their X-factor

Alan (above, lead singer) and his band Ova Hito (derived from word “Overheat”) are on the list of my favourite performers. I like how the group is so united and managed to bring the atmosphere up by a couple of notches. Also because they played Driver’s High, haha.

Besides, the guitarist from Ova Hito already has his own slew of fangirls. The girls would trail after him, busy snapping pictures of him, and when he threw his shades on stage in their direction, they were excited beyond imagination.

Jarvis, who has helped out in organizing the J-Obsession, was in a band called Lemon. He surprised me when he changed into his outfit and did up his hair, haha. He plays bass in his band.

Roy dressed up as the Ironman War Machine won the third place for the cosplay competition. Personally I would have given 9/10 for his effort and thought he deserved to win the big prize. The entire suit was hand-made by him, with some help from his friend. According to him, it was made from the soles of the shoes, and he even build in LED lights for this suit. Coolness.

That's Sakura as Sakura. 

Yeah, many cosplayers prefer to be addressed in their Japanese name. She made her own wand. Respect.

Kit (left) plays bass in Ova Hito. 

Thought he was a shy chap but I'm now thinking I might be mistaken. Heh. Love his dressing style!

Emerson and his band, Zerodia. 

Another band with many fans!

This brings me to another point - where the J-Obsession fair's positioning of the food stalls is... bad. They're located just 3 steps away in front of the stage; the poor guys working within the booths had to endure 2 days' of music blasting (it was pretty loud) in their face, and the audience had nowhere to stand!

My hero who took time off his busy Saturday schedule to come down and listen to me. :D 

After that, we met up with Bubble and Cherie to catch Battle Los Angeles which turns out to be quite a compelling movie.

Shusheel Kumar, the sound engineer who threw me the smoke machine button and let me use it LIBERALLY. 

Haha. He also let me control the lights. Didn't know then that he was also in a band Peepshow and plays the guitar. Very cool one at that.

Normally after J-something, I'll be very keen in Japanese culture for a bit. Heh.

That was one helluva of busy weekend! 

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