Thursday, May 19, 2011

Catch SUPERMODELME Season 2 Tonight!

I've hopped on the bandwagon to share exclusive pictures from the girls' photoshoots and webisodes!

What is SUPERMODELME about?
SUPERMODELME is currently in its second season, where 12 girls from various parts of Asia come together to compete in this reality television show to become the next big thing in the modelling industry (Asia). 
The girls take on different tasks each week such as sports games (rugby) and even mixed martial arts to challenge the girls both physically and mentally. There are of course, photoshoot opportunities for them to showcase their modelling talent. 
 Models will be eliminated weekly, and the final three will stay for the finale. 

Where can I watch it?
You can catch the girls on Starhub Channel KIX (Ch 518).

When is it broadcasted?
Every episode airs on Thursday night at 9.30PM. 

What if I missed the previous episodes?
You can also do a follow-up via the microsite. You can also view all the existing webisodes, check out the contestants’ biographies and read about the hosts + judges' backgrounds.

As of now, the competition is getting hotter as there are only four girls in the running for the title of Super Model. They are: Avalon, Kym, Rosie and Melinda.
 Avalon, 16 (WTF?!), English/Indonesian

Kym, 21, Australian from South Korea

 Melinda, 25, Indonesia

Rosie, 24, Thailand
This week, the girls are schedules to do a commercial for DKNY JEANS and there will be a Best Booty Contest. Instead of the usual one winner per week, three winners will be selected and each receive a pair of DKNY JEANS denim jeans.

SUPERMODELME is working on a theme of "GLOBAL: How do YOU carry the essence of New York wherever you go?" from 19 to 25 May 2011.
There is also an ongoing "Guess the Elimination" by FEVO Prepaid Mastercard" and this week is the last chance where you can stand to win a SUPERMODELME FEVO Prepaid Mastercard worth S$50. 

Who are you rooting for? Stay tune each Thursday as there will only be one making it to the top!

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