Sunday, June 19, 2011

Singapore, We Now Have Baskin-Robbins!

The day has finally arrived!

The day where Baskin-Robbins finally opens its first location in Singapore! Ice-cream lover rejoice as this favourite American brand opens at Velocity@Novena!

Last Thursday also marks Baskin-Robbin's  4000th international location, as they held the grand opening at Novena Square. Where I was last Thursday evening is the first shop in Singapore, but the  48th country in which now Baskin-Robbin has "checked-in" (4square, you know?). Super awesome. Usually I can only get to eat my favourite ice-cream in Genting, Malaysia and the last time I had BR was in Phoenix Blue Canyon in Korea (and that was like 6 months ago). They are also in Nepal and Thailand.

Scoop and Scoop, along with Baskin-Robbins, plan to open another 10 more locations in Singapore over the next few years! Can't wait for one to open up in Sengkang or Ang Mo Kio. Hehe.

So....what is Baskin-Robbins famous for? Its 31 unique flavours of course! The "31" stands for a different ice-cream flavour for each day of the month, so even if you choose to eat one junior cone daily, you won't get sick of it. I was told that Singaporeans will get to enjoy Asian flavours like Green Tea and Mango Tango, which is made with King Alfonso mangoes from India. I did try the Mango Tango and it's yum - like a sweet blend of mangoes and cream.

One of the flavours that I tried belongs to a program of "Flavour of the Month", where each month BR introduces a new flavour. June's "flavour of the month" is Crimson Passion Sorbet, which is made from blood orange and passionfruit. It's a little too sour for me, but quite refreshing.

Singapore Specials such as "Berry Brownie Good Waffle Sundae" and "Berry-kissed Banana Waffle Sundae" cost S$9.50 per scoop.

 I was busy trying out flavours, but I didn't manage to try all 31 of them and the specials. Others I tasted include Chocolate Mousse Royal (made from dark chocolate, but it's unlike the usual thick chocolate glut,  this one tastes more like a mousse, different texture, like a light cake), and  World Class Chocolate (blend of milk + white chocolate, surprisingly good, not too sweet, tastes just nice).

If you have a sweet tooth, go for Pralines 'n' Cream (damn sweet I cannot tahan) or Maul Brownie Madness (this is actually a lowfat yogurt leh!) My favourites of the lot are Very Bery Strawberry (since a long time ago) and Black Forest (it's a rotator so it's not available all year round). Other worthy mentions are Cotton Candy (coz' it's very shiok that it's not too sweet, really tastes like cotton candy and pretty in pink& purple) and Mint Chocolate Chip (self-explanatory, really :D). 

Just go try them already! Prices are:

Junior Scoop - $4
Value Scoop - $5
Regular (2 juniors) - $6

If you think these stores only serve ice-cream, you're wrong lor. They also have cakes and milkshakes too! As part of the event's activities, we all get to make our own milkshake by choosing three flavours. Mine was too sweet though. :(

Love  their signature pink lounge seats, interactive LCD menu displays and the life-like cake/sundae models!

My favourite decor in the house has got to be the iconic pink spoon door handles, and textured walls that are made to look like waffle cones.

"Hello, evaryboday, my name is Barbarella Baskin-Robbins!"

Guess who's the host of the evening?! Our favourite local SPG, Barbarella from The Noose! 

Her sexy pink bodycon dress is so attention-grabbing. So happy to finally meet her in person. The event was then officially launched by Baskin-Robbins' International President, Mr. Srinivas Kumar and Mr Cheah, President of Singapore's master franchise, Scoop & Scoop Pte Ltd.

There were a lot of buzz and people watching the opening, so it was very lively. Barbarella also did a good job making the crowd laugh, although I do think one of the VIP don't fully appreciate her sense of humour. :/

Me, sandwiched among others, busy taking pictures.

Hospitality was great that evening, and especially so when this guy served us ice-cream, he was so polite, helpful and all smiles. Ask for free tasting at the stores!

The top 5 milkshake flavours that Barbarella liked most are created by them. She made them explain the creation and why the name.

Later she was whisked off by the omy team to do an interview, and I cannot resist one photo like this - journalist staring on while she puts the whole cone into her mouth! (They dared Barbarella to do it! )

 One of my few local role models! :D

Goodie bag - I'm keeping the brochures for future reference, too many flavours!

By the way, for those who live in the West and find Novena too far, there's also another Baskin-Robbins store in Clementi Mall. Don't forget to 'like' Baskin-Robbins Facebook page for special deals/offers like free ice-cream (both outlets gave away 100 free scoops on Saturday!) and discounts for your cakes!

"We Make People Happy".  BR makes me happy.  Now I'm just hoping they'll bring in the flavours with the sizzling bits in them! :)

 P.S. Sorry for the late update. Was having trouble with superscript! }:(

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