Thursday, June 9, 2011

Black Magic Treatment - I Want A Porcelain Face


Out of curiosity (okay more like vanity) , I've been reading up on an IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology used for skin treatment. When I first came across this term, it was for hair removal. It comes as no surprise, since IPL treatment is most commonly used for hair removal. Yet, IPL can also be used for skin treatment. 

Firstly, what is required for IPL?

IPL is a technology that requires a Xenon flash lamp and optical prism (used as capacitor) to produce a high intensity of light in a short period of time, converting them into energy to eliminate damaged cells that lies deep within the skin. That said, IPL will not harm the surrounding tissue nor our skin later itself. IPL Therapy targets the lower layers of skin (dermis) without affecting the top layers of skin (epidermis). 

While Microdermabrasion treatments such as Diamond Peel and Crystal Peel targets the superficial layer of the skin, IPL penetrates deeper into the dermis to stimulate cell regeneration from within.

Most IPL systems use filters to refine the energy output for the treatment of certain areas. This enhances penetration without using excessive energy levels and enables targeting of specific chromophores (these are skin components that absorb light).

The advantage of IPL therapy is its minimal downtime, where your skin can recover almost instantly after treatment.  

 What is the procedure for the conventional IPL treatment?

Prior to the the treatment, patients will be given a goggle to protect the eyes from the intense light. Following that, a cool layer of gel will be applied to the area where it will be treated. The gel layer serves to cool the epidermis during treatment and prevent light from scattering. 

IPL gel helps to conduct better light absorption towards the targeted Chromophores (blood vessels and melanin) and thus, the melanin within the pigmented area will be dispersed.

Is there any alternative?
Yes, instead of the clear gel, the Black Magic Treatment uses a proprietary formula created in Korea for the treatment. Also known as The Photo Reborn Gel or Plasma Magic Gel, the Plasma Magic Gel is black, hence the name Black Magic. The treatment does not target pigments, but instead aims to rejuvenate the skin by tightening the pores and reducing sebum production.

What is the difference between the conventional treatment and Black Magic?

Usually, IPL treatment results rely on the light depth and intensity. In this case, the light depths are undifferentiated since its the filter of the hand piece that controls it. Whereas for light intensity, the Plasma Magic Gel is formulated to increase efficiency in light absorption, reduce energy loss, thereby shaving off about half the energy required to perform the treatment as compared to conventional IPL treatments.

What does it help in? 

Black Magic treatment promises to minimize pores and reduce oily skin. 

Are there any side effects?

Sometimes, patients may experience breakouts after the treatment. The skin may be too dry and thus may experience itchiness post-treatment, or the process of healing and detoxification may have caused the minor breakouts. 

For both above mentioned reasons, it is recommended to apply more repair gel and hydration gel along with sunscreen post-treatment.

I have rather bad skin so of course I dream of wanting a porcelain skin! Who doesn't?! 

Porcelain, The Face Spa provides the Black Magic Treatment service. If you feel that you've learnt something new about the treatment from me, please 'like' my post on their Facebook page. Thank you!

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