Monday, September 19, 2011

Little Kitty Things

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but for the past year, I've come to grow an interest in all things Hello Kitty. Quite unlike the true fans, I don't need everything Kitti-fied. Occasionally when I chanced upon any shop that sells anything with Hello Kitty on it, I tend loiter there a little longer. Hehe.

On the 5th floor of Haneda airport lies a cute Tokyo Pop Town and the shops on the floor all sell novelty items, focusing on Japan's favorite cartoon and anime characters.

Guests with kids can spend time at shop that sells car models, where there is a car racing simulator circuit for the kids to challenge others! How thoughtful and such luxury!

The Hello Kitty shop is down the corner, facing R Burger. Kitty fans rejoice!

Within the Hello Kitty shop also lies the coin-pressing machine. Sis and I each chose a design. :)

You know how girls will sometimes buy anything as long as their favorite character is printed on it? Well, we did.

We even bought random stuff like Hello Kitty oil blotter and water bottle, just for the pretty sake of it. Haha. 

On top of that I also bought a box of cookies because I like the packaging so much.

Opening the box revealing the packet of HK cookies!

Each cookie comes in the shape of different character - there is HK, her friends and even her grandparents. Too cute!

I was munching on my cookie when I realised that the box can be folded!

It can be compressed and then kept inside your bag, saving space.

Seriously, that's brilliant product design. Ideal lunch box for school children.  Compact & handy.

I've also acquired some HK things from the US! Hahaha. I cannot answer the boyfriend when he asked me,

Since when you start liking Hello Kitty one?
Don't know when, don't know why!


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