Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Afterthoughts

It has been just a little over two weeks since I’m back from a two-month break. The destinations this time were San Francisco and Taipei. And though at the risk of sounding cliché, boy, this summer was definitely a memorable one.
I went for the summer session at the University of California, Berkeley, and you could say that I also took it as an opportunity to satisfy my wanderlust (guilty as charged!). This was the longest I’ve ever been away from ‘home’, and yet it didn’t feel like I left at all. 

Art8 class photo shot, Summer 2011
(From left standing: Ms Seraj Azin {my prof}, Anni Dai, Phoenix, Ai, Lauren, Me, Trisha, Adrianne, Anakaren, Vincent, Esion {Bao Di}, Adriana, Sol, Masie, Hanna, Justin, Logan, Emerson)
(From left kneeling: Kathy, Ever, Linda, Dana, Shehla) 

The moment I set foot back here, I was immediately greeted with the numerous reasons that drove me away in the first place – the sickeningly humid weather, rude, unappreciative people in the neighbourhood and the ever-increasing cost of living in Singapore.

Perhaps it was the culture, the people, the environment, or the interesting amalgam of all three factors that made me appreciate life and space so much more elsewhere. A newfound freedom is what I call it. While zipping around the big cities alone on my e-bike (hey, SF has many steep slopes!), I enjoyed the sights and sounds, and through open-mindedness I made new friends from all over the world. Even more surprisingly, I felt much happier there. I’d like to think I’m a more pleasant person now that I no longer get mad at little things, but it didn't last. 

Meeting <3 in Taipei, and meeting good friend there too!

It disgusts me to say that things are almost back to square one. The environment here makes it hard to focus on the positive things in life. What a bummer. So I have been wanting to update this blog for months, yet I don't have the discipline and drive to do so. I wonder why. It just reminds me of how much I wanted to be a broadcast personality in radio for years but not even close to attaining my goal. After years of trying and dreaming, it can be quite a blow to my ego. I wonder what it takes to make the cut in Singapore’s small and competitive industry, since media companies here are monopolized? Once, I thought I was a step closer to realizing my dream just because I got into the semi-finals for a competition. How naïve I was. Last week, I went for the open auditions for Fight Club 2011 and failed to get in. Sucks. 

Oh well, maybe better luck next time.

In school, friends have been asking me, 

"So how was Berkeley?"
 I always answer them: AWESOME. And that's the truth. I wouldn't give anything in the world to miss the past 2 months. There are just so many things I learnt and appreciate from this trip. I shall attempt to cover my journey with separate posts.

{Extra love to Jojo who took really good care of me while I'm there (you're the best!!!) and Sanyu who has been very patient. :) }


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