Monday, November 7, 2011

SilkBath: Bathe in Silk

A month ago before I went the States, I participated in the SilkBath Skin Challenge.

When I went down for the 5-hour skin challenge, I have no idea that it was hosted by the people from 100.3FM. And so it came as a surprise when I arrived at the venue, but I'm pretty happy to see some familiar faces again. More pictures of later. :)

I really need to learn better make-up skills and put much more of it! :/

There were altogether 10 female bloggers to cover the Challenge, including (from left): Tracy, me, Genevieve, Cherie, Cherring, l and . We were each given a number tag, and ready to move from station to station and complete each task.

The skin test was rather standard, and for most of the time I spent waiting. There were like 60 other people who went for the test too and perhaps all of them filmed for the commercial as well.

Tracy and I spent a whole lot of time at the reception area, re-watching the local shorts that were on loop.

This was how the skin test procedure went. Station A tests for our skin's elasticity prior to using SilkBath.

I have no idea how they measure my skin's elasticity with this gadget. 

That was the set up in the "studio" for the Q&A session with Dr. Calvin Chan, Medical Director  of Calvin Chan Aesthetic & Laser Clinic. 

Wen Hong from 100.3FM facilitated our discussion as we post questions that are related to our skin.

We could ask any questions in relation to our skin or how to get a better complexion.

I have slits for eyes. -,-

The smell of my body soap is a huge deciding factor too.  Well, I only liked the scent of purple one, followed by the green one.  The pink one is just nasty for me. :X 

I'm glad this was the picture they used for the 8 days spread!

All participants received a goodie bag containing the series of SilkBath body soap - Antibacterial (green), Ultra-nourish (pink) and Extra Lighten (purple).  For more information on their different properties, read HERE.

I liked Extra Lighten one best, followed by the Antibacterial one, which leaves a little tinkling sensation on the skin. :)

 Shooting for the TVC

I was too short for the camera, they had to add another block of cube. Hais.

Listeners of 100.3FM were invited to take part in the challenge too, so they could consult Dr Chan regarding their skin woes.

My poly junior who's doing well at 100.3! :)

With Jian Wen & Ke Min

Xiao Zhu

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