Sunday, November 20, 2011

Singapore Kindness Movement '11

Last weekend, I spent my Sunday morning doing something meaningful by participating in the Singapore Kindness Movement 2011.

Volunteers at the flag-off for Singapore Kindness Movement

This event was held as part of the annual Singapore Kindness Movement.

Daniel Ong is the Kindest host (his own joke)

I do think that Singaporeans (yes, including myself!) need to create a kinder and gracious Singapore.  I am also learning to be more understanding towards others and I do believe courtesy is the simplest form of kindness.  Sincerity is important too, so I’ll make sure that the future generation (my kids) will be genuinely kind towards others.  

Just the other day, I was annoyed at this teenage girl for tapping my shoulder to make known to me that she wants to get out of the bus.  She was listening to music (headphones) and couldn’t even mouth an “Excuse me” or “Sorry, could you kindly let me pass?”  She just expected me to move for her.  What she didn’t know was that I wanted to get off too. 

In other scenarios, the seat I was eye-ing was snatched up while I was about to sit down, and usually this is what goes on in my head:

But sometimes, the person who took the seat might really need it more than me, or was just completely unaware that I wanted the seat. 

I guess we just got to be more tolerant towards others sometimes.

In order to create public aware for acts of kindness, the organising committee this year made a microsite for Singaporeans to dedicate their appreciation towards those who have been kind to them. 

I gave them flowers! is an interactive “Kindness map” to track the number of kind acts that took place across Singapore.  You can log on and submit an act of kindness though photos and videos or simple say thank you to someone who deserves it.  Each submission will contribute a yellow daisy to bloom on the Singapore map.

As part of World’s Kindness Day celebrations, the committee has engaged bloggers and volunteers to give flowers along Orchard Road in an attempt to make someone’s day. :)

Though a little cheesy, it’s sweet that these yellow gerbera daisies were handed out to the public for the kindness to “blossom”.

Dr William Wan is the General Secretary for SKM gave an introduction on what this whole activity and campaign is about.

Charlene was my partner that day, and I also helped her distribute her daisies.  Other than the T-shirts, we also donned the Daisy Pins.

Singa the lion is the icon for this campaign to help foster a more gracious society.

Altogether, all the volunteers had given away 30,000 flowers!  My friends on social media platforms had commented that they saw many people yielding a yellow daisy that day! :D

Associate Professor Dr Yaacob Ibrahim, Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts, and Adviser to Singapore Kindness Movement (SKM) was the Guest-of-Honor and officially initiated the event.  He watered the pot of daisy on stage and the flower slowly rise above the pot.  It’s cute!

More than 500 volunteers were present, and some even joined in last minute upon knowing that we were giving out flowers to spread the message. :)

Lydia & I

Rachel & Stefan

Me & Leonny

The goodie bag also contained a series of thought-provoking postcards (that you can grab from cafes at Orchard), Popeye’s clapper and pop-up kindness card (cute!).

Throughout the month of November, there’ll be a “Say Thanks, Make Someone’s Day” online activity where you can make and upload videos of how you’ve ambushed a deserving indivdual (ie. colleague, classmate, neighbour) and show your appreciation for his/her kindness.  Winners will win one-year unlimited cable car ride and other prizes!  The contest will end on 30 November 2011. 

So do your part by spreading kindness too! :D

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