Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Anti-Drug Game Launch: Escape From Drugs Land

In a refreshing approach to send the anti-drug message to the younger generation, the Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) and National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) have launched a series of online gaming challenge on Facebook.

There are altogether three games that will be launched, and the one I'll be introducing today is the final one, launching on 1 February (tomorrow)! :)

The first game that was launched in December was Jump Jump Rescue, followed by The Right Choice in January and now, Escape from Drugs Land.  These games were designed and created by local students, who bagged honors at the competition held last year.

In a nutshell, Escape from Drugs Land is an interactive online board game (like Monopoly, Life, 大富翁...).  Designed by three ITE College Central (MacPherson) students, their game emerged the first runner-up at the competition.

Alvin Seow, Lee Eng Chuan and Maung Nay Oo Linn of Team E.L.A.  They look so proud and happy! ^^

Here are some of the gameplay screenshots:

 First, you click on the dice to determine the number of steps you move. 

Then depends on wherever you land, you may have to answer questions related to the drugs.

If you're uncertain about some properties of the particular drug, you can enter the Drug Study Corner to learn more about each of the harmful effects.

During the game, it will provides information about the drug effects on abusers.

There are some points in the game where there are mini-crisis challenge games like the one below:

The game is full of surprises - quizzes, mini-games, puzzles and Q&A!  I believe a lot of hard work goes into the making of the game, from the colourful graphics to incorporating informative anti-drug messages into challenge.

Although this board game idea is not new, I feel that the team has given it a new approach, adding other elements to keep the youth engaged. It's also very time-consuming and  not easy to create the graphics!

I personally like puzzle games because I like to answer questions, so yeah if you think you're very well-read and knowledgeable about drugs, put yourself to the test!  Beat the other online gamers.

Log on to the Life Does Not Rewind facebook page to play, and the top scorers for each game will win an iPad 2 each! Sweet!  In addition to the games, you can share about being clean and making The Right Choice to win addition tickets to iFly.

Targeting at youths aged 13 to 25, if you're still within this age range *ahem*, the Challenge will run on Facebook until Feb 26!

When I attended the media launch in November, we tried out the games at the HQ.  Here are some photos from that day:

 Bloggers moving around to try the games.

 That's Qiuqiu trying out The Right Choice. 

These are students from Singapore Polytechnic, who are the creator of The Right Choice, now available on the facebook fan page.

NCADA chairman, Dr N Varaprasad, said: "Our youths are spending many hours online every day, especially on games and social media sites such as Facebook. We want to be where they are, and leverage these platforms to drive home the anti-drug messages."

Life Does Not Rewind - Make the Right Choice: 
Choose Life, Not Drugs.

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