Friday, January 27, 2012

When I Turn 22 Last December...

There are no more elaborate parties nor celebrations, just a quiet cake-cutting ritual that took place at night.

Cake from The Icing Room failed to impress my taste buds.

Only that greedy girl seem to enjoy it much.

Sis had to go off straight after, she had a date elsewhere.

In the day, we just roamed around a mall.  Not knowing what to get me, he eventually got me a pair of handy earphones.  I like his confidence, knowing that I would use it often.

The night before, the sleepover was fun.  He presented me with a video, inspired by HIMYM:

A video he started compiling just a few days before.  +1 for effort, -1 for the last minute effort.  Hur.  

I've finally completed my Thank You messages here, to the 71 people who cared :)

I'm sorry I took so long to just say thank you! And I know it looks super amateurish. Heh.

Last but not least, special love to B for spending the day and night with me.  Thank you for your effort trying to make me happy. :)

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