Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Gonna go a quick post before heading to bed. Will probably be unable to use the computer for the next few days because I'm going for LASIK tomorrow morning!

Arrangements were made for us bloggers to go for a tour in the day.  Most of us had difficulty waking up for breakfast at 8.30am, considering that we only crashed at 4+ the night before.  I managed a quick breakfast with Silver, Nadia and David, then join Charlene and Ivy for the tour.

We visited a few locations including Tugu Negara, Lake Gardens and KLCC.  Bumped into Stella and we just got to take a pic!

Also shamelessly asked Nuffie David to help us take the picture, and got his namecard in exchange for his help. 

The last time I was here with my classmates for an educational trip, I was 14!

Huiwen poked fun at me by asking me why I was so "horny". Haha.  I wore the reindeer clips on for the earlier part of the day because I was supposed to attend Yolanda's birthday party that evening but I gave that up to attend NAPBAS.  Her party was animal-themed and I had chosen to be a reindeer, thus explains the horns.

Lunch was fun at Nandos @KLCC where we girls just talked about relationships, and we walked around for more food and shopping.

Ivy bought one of these gelato ball stick and it's SO yummy.  Do we have this here (in SG)? It's pretty expensive for one ball of cream, but it comes in a wide variety of flavours though.

I've been reading Tongue in Chic now and usually I would pay attention to the features on Chic Pop Street Market.  I'm a fan for flea markets and thrift shops so I would usually go look for stuff there.  It was always held in KL and it's a bit far for me to go all the way there.   Before heading up to KL, I found out that there will be a flea market that same NAPBAS weekend and I wouldn't allow myself to miss it!

This is where I went that afternoon, along with Charlene and Ivy.  We were foolish to take the premium cab thinking it would be safer, but no, we ended up having to pay a lot for the ride and the cabbie cheated by going for extra rounds.  Gotta blame myself for the lack of research. :(

For some strange reason, the flea was also located in an ulu place and it's pretty far off from our hotel and city.  When we finally found it, it was "hello clothes and shoes" and that explains why there isn't any more pictures after this.  Plus we were shopping in the rain.

Lenne and Jean was supposed to join us too but overslept and I think they joined the rest of the nuffies at Pavilion.

After dinner, there was a change of plans and we weren't notified but thanks to Nuffie Min who safely got us to G Tower for drinks and dance. 

The rest of the night was just.... a blur for a lot of them.  Haha. I had to stay sober and rest for day three since I extended my stay! :)

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