Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The "English" Spring

I guess I must have misled several people into thinking I was a party girl even before they knew me in person.  Over the years, I've been accused of so many things it's hard to change an impression any way. 

In fact, I seldom celebrate festivities at huge parties or night clubs.  However, when I'm invited to attend, it's my pleasure to join friends for countdowns and have a good time.  

On New Year's Eve, I was feeling rather worn out that night and almost missed the new year when the clock strikes 12.  The initial plan was to stay home and/or check out the nearby community centre activities, but his family decided to "cross" bridge to see the fireworks.

I dozed off as he cruised; and though the radio was playing some fine club music, none of the channels was accurate with the countdown. -,-"  We knew only when the fireworks started lighting up the sky.

We honked and yelled "Happy New Year" to random cars who drove past, and waved madly too. :D

And that was how I entered 2012.  The car then went around the island once and we all headed back to bed.

We woke up the following morning to have a traditional breakfast, followed by spring cleaning (now everything feels so clean!).

I also cracked the first 3-digit combination lock in my life!  It was hard work and required A LOT of patience, and that maroon vintage suitcase was my reward.  Hehe.  Totally worth it if you ask me. :)

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