Friday, July 20, 2012

Foodie Tour at Genting Highlands w/ Ladyironchef

Prior to this short getaway, I kinda got sick of going to Genting.  Some of my family members enjoy gambling at the casinos, so I would go up there at least twice a year.

That said, there is something magical about this trip.  Yah, "magical". I like to use dramatic adjectives. Lol.  Maybe because this time round I was traveling with my fiance and blogger friends!

I spent the last couple of days to edit the photos (all 200+ of them!) and made some collages, despite being ill.  So expect lots of delicious food photos!  Feeling sian coz' I'm down with flu fever and I absolutely cannot taste anything. :(  Tonight was scheduled for a monthsary dinner at Summer Palace but I told Alien it would just be a waste of $ coz' I cannot taste anything. Wtf.  Looking at the Genting food pictures is just ... torturous.

P.S. All pictures can be clicked to enlarge.

The bus departed early (not even bright) from Golden Complex. Look at this Alien, I am totally his personal secretary & slave. -__-  I think because I haven't been to Genting in the last couple of years, all the coaches now are pretty damn posh, what with the TV and automated seats and all.

The weather was breezy and while waiting for the rooms, we went to walk around and have lunch.  Lunch at the Cafe Lobby was mad expensive! A small plate of chicken rice was RM18 ++. We then decided to go Kenny Rogers instead. Love the corn bits!! Heh.

Alien and I wanted to go take the cable car but it was closed, so we just walked around and I showed him where my family used to hang out.

好友记 is our favourite dimsum place of all time! That's because we didn't know where else serves that ... but more on that later.

Also walked past this cute restaurant with enlarged scrabble pieces as their signboard. Shall try that this western restaurant the next time I'm there.

Oh not to forget I had my daily Baskin Robbins fix:


 Dinner was held at the luxurious Genting Palace.

Everybody was looking forward to the 9-course dinner that night.  Here's the menu:

How can you not look forward to that???  And we dig in!!

My favourite though, is the soup. I like it so much that I had two servings of it. Heh.

 Nadnut loved the Thai Mango Salad thingy,  I love the abalone dish, and the two boys (Clifford & Alien) ate the fish eyes!  

Desserts were sooo good too.  The glutinous ball was so soft and tastes like those Japanese mochis.

The chef came around to talk to us about his creations.  It took us only one dinner for our group of 10 people to bond. Lol. We even went for a late night movie after that - Ice Age 4 in 3D!  (RM18 only)

Can you see the "clique" forming? Lol.

The following day, we woke up for brunch at Resort Cafe.  This place serves rather traditional Malay cuisines.

Dblchin looks so much like a doll! (Digression because got chio girl) /envy

It was a buffet lunch and I didn't take a lot of pictures.  Nadia introduced me to one of her favourite food, beef something. A little gelat for me but very savoury. :)

Plenty of desserts for you to choose from too!!  Lunch here is RM43++ per person.

Instead of heading to the outdoor theme park as planned, many of us wanted to visit the strawberry farm.  I'm guessing because we don't get to see that in Singapore!

4 of us shared a cab down, and us girls (Nadnut, Dblchin and I) had very interesting conversations on the way hahaha.

Nadia wanted to steal the bunting for her engagement shoot. Lol

At the strawberry farm it was pretty warm, I don't know how Alien can stand wearing his coat!

Alien and his attempted strawberry face.  >_<

The farm has a new section for meant lavender - very pretty lilac flowers in bloom!  Small farm but still, flowers make people happy :)

There was also a small area set aside for giant lettuce, and boy they were huge!

We all took a break at the small cafe and I got a strawberry popsicle for myself and Clifford bought mushroom tempura which was the MOST amazing fried mushrooms ever! 

As we headed out, we entered a small mushroom farm as well.   Although the do-not-touch sign was up, Alien and I were just curious. Heh.

The dinner last Saturday was also VERY yummy.  It was an international buffet served at Coffee Terrace.  The place is huge and all the cuisines were very clearly labeled.  We were spoilt for choice.

At the Chinese counter, you can pick your own meat and vegetables and the chefs will cook on the spot for you!

Everybody was queuing for the salmon sashimi (I had one big plate myself), but Alien and 3 servings of that LOL.  Angie enjoyed her laksa and thanks to HP's introduction of the Char Kway Teow, I get to eat the best CKT I ever had!   We forgot to bring our the strawberries (bought at farm) to go with the chocolate fondue! :(
Dinner was great, so great I almost went into food coma right before Khalil's Fong concert.  The dinner is about RM70++ per pax.

Alien was supposed to sit somewhere else but Beixin was so kind to swap her tickets with him (Alien is a fan of Khalil)! 

It's pretty cool to watch a concert at Genting, we've got free Khalil posters and light-sticks too!  Some of the bloggers stayed back after the concert and got a group shot with him.  We left by the main door to collect my camera so I missed that opportunity :(

Khalil is good live, it almost sounds exactly like the recordings really, but his concert wasn't spectacular or managed to keep many entertained. :/ 

On day 3, we were just so pampered!!! SO MUCH GOOD FOOD at Genting Palace. Brace yourself for ---

The carrot cake and egg tarts were the chef's specialty. 

The chefs were dedicated and skilful, and even asked us to eat more. We were really stuffed.  15-course dimsum for breakfast!!!  A breakfast like this is made for royalty, and costs RM600 nett (I'm guessing the price is for a table of 10 though?). 

If I had to choose, I would say Genting Palace and Coffee Terrace serves the best food for this trip.  I'm definitely coming back for more.

I don't know how to say this but our table of 10 people became closer after just a short 3D2N trip, we bonded over good food, camwhoring, shopping etc, everything was just very very pleasant.  Proof:

Alien and Clifford (Rachel's BF) hit it off, joked throughout the trip.

The nice folks at Genting had given such great hospitality, and even gave each of us a box of mooncakes to bring home.  Thank you so much for everything! :) :)

My Nuffnang trip with the bloggers have been very enjoyable. What's there to trouble with friends, food and laughter? :)

I also came back fat wtf. I gained about 2kg from all the good food I ate. :X

Now I can't wait to go back there again to enjoy the cooling weather and eat delicious food. Bring your family and friends along, that's your best bet of having a good time at Genting!

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