Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Taipei: Modern Toilet Restaurant

After travelling to Taipei all these years, it was the first time that I got down to the main branch at Ximending to try out the famed toilet-themed restaurant (便所主题餐厅).

Click on the above restaurant name to be directed to their site.  It's best to make a reservation lest you be disappointed to find out the venue is fully booked (for dinner).  I made our reservation a few days before on their Message Board.

Usually I don't hang out at Ximending because of the crowd and overpriced goods,  so I wasn't familiar with the area and had a little difficulty trying to find this place.

I know many Singaporeans have already been to this place but I still wanted to give a shot anyway.  On our way up, a big family was just leaving.  We could tell they were Singaporeans from their accent (dead giveaway).

From all the media coverage the restaurant received, I'd expected the place to be a lot bigger and "grander", but it wasn't.  It's a cute cafe located on the second floor, adorned with bathtubs, showerheads and toilet bowls.  

Lovely wallpaper to whet your appetite :D
Even the light bulbs come in shapes of poop. Lol.

Our dining menu was reusable and creative, you just write what you want on it and it's erasable (like a whiteboard).  I was interested in a beverage with an attractive name:

Loosely translated as Shit Pee Fly Fruit Tea
While waiting, Sis and I walked around to check out the place a bit.  On the other side of the second level is where the cashier was. We were seated nearer to the toilet (the real one).

It was only after we ordered and paid that I realized almost all the other teenagers in the cafe were eating Milky Hotpot.  As it turns out, that was their best seller and people usually come here for that. Oh well.

What we had:

I thought my baked rice was rather adorable being served in a bathtub, and my Shit Pee Fly Fruit Tea served in a standing urinal.

The rice was so-so, and the drink was pretty nasty (too sour x sweet). 0.0!

Mudder's hotpot
 She was quite peeved about the whole eating from toilet bowl thing. Lol.

We ordered an extra fries to share, which was surprisingly good (Sis ate everything).

I got a bit confused when I went to the washroom, coz' i wasn't sure if I used the REAL one. Hahaha. I had to double check with the flush.

This wasn't the real toilet bowl, it's the wash basin. See what I mean?

Last but not least, we had a bit of dessert:

Chocolate ice-cream! Hahaha. I didn't like it at all.

Overall, I found the furniture was really cute, but the food was below average.  Maybe the waitress could have told us earlier that the milky hotpot was recommended. 

Modern Toilet Restaurant

2F, No. 7, Lane 50,  Xining South Road, Tapei City
108 台北市万华区宁南路50巷7号2楼


Business Hours:
11.30am - 10pm

Average Meal:

The nearest metro station is 西门 (Ximen) Station, take exit 6 and walk along Chengdu Road.

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