Saturday, August 11, 2012

Last Trip Before Work Starts

I have been busy planning for a last minute trip to London and Paris.  It’s so soon I’m leaving later today!  I’m hoping I will not get robbed, or pickpocketed, if not I’ll be doomed there (alone).   Last year when I went to Berkeley I extended my stay for a week to stay with Jojo, and this time round I’m sort of doing the same thing (school + extension), but completely on my own for this trip afterwards ( come to think of it I really miss Jojo, her Cooper and her bed! :.( ).

I'm really excited though.  

I don’t understand why I was called audacious for wanting to travel alone.  I’m a lady but that doesn’t mean I’m not independent.  I’d rather be called courageous, or an explorer, than staying in Singapore and not having see the world when I had the chance to.  

As much as I wish to stay longer, the accommodation and expenses is expensive there so I’ll be back in Sept!   (Also I will miss Alien and QQ heh)

Coincidentally, during the past two weeks I’ve attended a few events that had helped made my planning easier.   For one, I have used to book my accommodation in London!  Secondly, Nadnut has invited me to Rachel K’s event and I brought home a whole bag of beauty products from Rachel K and my skincare regime there is completely taken care of! Lastly, because my overseas stay will be short, I intend to squeeze as many activities as possible in a day.  That means I’ll require more energy during the day (and night for my project/ assignments).   Smith gave me a dozen of Take5ive Energy drinks (which was really effective), as tested at the event last weekend. 

I will share these great products/service individually at later dates, but for now I need to start ironing and packing!! 

Less than 24 hours and I haven't plan, book or change money. #win

Wedding preparations have also begun but no time to even blog about proposal. #procrastinatorthiang

Also been stuffing myself with Egg Yolk custard buns and other dimsum these two days coz' I KNOW I'll miss it!  Shall save money and eat mixed rice tomorrow. Lol.  

A bit late but Happy National Day people!

I know there’re a lot of happy folks who have taken leave/off to enjoy the long weekend! Stay active and happy! :D

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