Thursday, November 8, 2012


My favourite film director and producer is back with his latest work, Frankenweenie!

From Walt Disney Studios and Tim Burton comes a dark and quirky film - Frankenweenie - which probably also has a peculiar sense of humor as well.  I have been a fan of Tim Burton's works and this is definitely a must-watch for me. :)

According to the producers, the story tells of a young boy who loves his pet dog (Sparky) so much so that he tries to revive him back to life. In the process of doing so, he had gone through a series of monstrous experiments and came across many adventures that perhaps are not all smooth-sailing!

I think I can understand how Victor (the young boy) feels when his best pal left him.  I love my pet dog very much and can't imagine the day when she dies!  But when the day comes and I have to keep QQ by my side forever, I would do either one of the following (or try them all!):

  1.  After she passes, I will freeze her (instead of burial or cremation), extract her faulty organs, and replace them with young/fresh ones in order to prolong her life! 
  2. While she is still alive, I will extract her DNA and pass it to a scientist and mutate QQ into a better breed of canine so that she is immune to diseases and old age! 
  3. If all of is in the Matrix right now, I will store all her data so that I can program the both of us in it to live forever and not grow old. 
Now here's the trailer for Frankenweenie:

Catch Disney’s FRANKENWEENIE in cinemas this 15 November 2012 and like the Official Walt Disney Studios Singapore Facebook Page, follow the @disneystudiosSG and subscribe to Official Disney Studios Singapore YouTube Channel!

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