Monday, April 22, 2013

Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Trio

Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites is back with 3 times and flavour and 3 times the YUM factor!

I went for pre-launch party for a first-hand tasting session.  Joanna and her sister, Jocelyn, was my food kakis for the evening.  We started off with the Hut's platter, which we finished rather quickly, followed by the Thick Fries on Dips.


Jocelyn and I couldn't stop munching on the fries with the Cheese dip that was so gooooood. We just let Joanna have the barbecue sauce instead. Hahaha. Also, we were both ganging up on Joanna the whole night. :P

I love cheesy pizzas. Alien and I always only order the stuffed crust pizzas at Pizza Hut for the cheese.  But the new Cheesy Bites Trio pizza is a new cheese experience as it comes with 3 sprinkle flavours on top of your usual cheese bites:

1) Chipotle

2) Parmesan

3) Sesame

Each bite is stuffed with smooth cream cheese, or any 3-flavour cheese filling for a delightful cheesy surprise.  A cheese dip is also served on the side for the ultimate cheesy indulgence.

The last time during Pizza Hut's Christmas Pizza Party, they had organized a friendly pizza-making competition among bloggers, so it is no surprise that we have another one this time! :D

But before the competition, Pizza Hut staff (Albert) first did a demonstration of how the pizza was made:

Each cheese-filled bite was twisted into position, coated with garlic oil, then sprinkled with the 3 flavours.

After the crust is made, he smeared the sauce on the base, then filled up the pizza with the ingredients to make a Hawaiian Pizza - ham, cheese, and pineapple pieces.  One last check and the pizza can be sent to the oven!

My team's representative for the pizza-making competition was Jacqualine (or Mrs Tan), and Christina represented the other team.  Although both teams completed their pizzas at about the same time, my team won because of generous servings of ingredients, cheeses and sprinkles!  Both of them got to bring home the pizza that they made.

The moment we've been waiting for.... pulling out of those bites and just sink your teeth into the
Cheesy Bites Trio!! 

Cheesy Bites Trio Pizza

Feedback from the other bloggers was that the Sesame flavour was their favourite. At our table, we love the Chipotle! It gives an additional sweet, peppery and smoky taste to the already cheeeeeeesy pizza.

Besides the pizza, we were also served the Hut's Chicken Steak and Seafood Parchment Pasta.  The chicken steak is now my second favourite item in the menu.  The meat is succulent and the gravy savory, and it didn't taste oily.

The Parchment Pasta on the other hand seems to get spicier and less tasty each time I try it (first try was during the launch 3 years back).  For people like me who doesn't eat spicy food, I didn't enjoy the dish at all because it was too spicy to taste anything.

Jocelyn and I were super full by the time we finished the pizza, but this Joanna ah, still got space for dessert so she happily had her share of B&J ice-cream.

As per its usual meals at the restaurants, you can try the Cheesy Bites Trio with Soup of the Day and Sparkle drinks.   I've never tried the delivery before, but the Fun Meal comes with Honey Roasted Wings and Mini Hash Brown.

Hello, Mrs Tan!

So bring along your family and friends to try out the new pizza!
Cheesy Bites Trio  Pizza is available at all Pizza Hut restaurants and delivery service till 2 July 2013. 


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