Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hannibal Premieres on AXN!

I had the privilege of catching the premiere of Hannibal earlier this month before it was aired in Singapore (AXN) on 9 April 2013.

Hannibal is a new 13-part series based on mythology and infamous character portrait of Dr Hannibal Lecter from the Thomas Harris horror novels. The chilling series takes viewers back to the beginning and introduces two of fiction’s most enigmatic characters for the first time. The programme stars Hugh Dancy (The Big C, Confessions of a Shopaholic, King Arthur) as Will Graham, Mads Mikkelsen (Casino Royale, Clash of the Titans) as Hannibal Lecter and Laurence Fishburne (CSI, The Matrix) as Jack Crawford. The show is executive produced by Bryan Fuller (Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Dead Like Me) and directed by David Slade (Twilight Eclipse, 30 Days of Night, Awake pilot).

Will Graham is a brilliant, empathic FBI profiler who is able to mentally re-trace the twisted thoughts and methods of the agencies most-wanted serial killers.  His boss and handler, Jack Crawford harnesses Will’s uncanny ability to see into minds of the evil, recognizes his need for psychiatric help after a particularly disturbing case. As a result, Will finds himself assigned to the care of the highly-respected psychiatrist Dr. Hannibal Lecter. Unbeknownst to Will, there is a reason Dr. Lecter has particular insight into these horrible crimes and the psychopaths who commit them. What follows is a masterful mind game set against the contrasting worlds of good and evil where lines blur, elegance breeds horror and nothing is what it seems.

I first read about Hannibal in 8 Days and it caught my attention because of Dr Hannibal's character. For some unknown reason I have a growing interest in murder and thriller stories, so I was intrigued to know more.  

After watching the first episode, I have to admit I was a bit lost as it wasn't like the mainstream shows that I've watched.  It began with murder, then there were flashbacks and investigation.   Hannibal isn't your usual TV series.  I was, however, very attracted to the direction of videography. There were scenes that were shot so beautifully despite it being with blood and all.  

Plot wise, I guess I'm still one who prefers to not know who the killer is until the very end. 

The following day I recommended it to my colleagues and manager and it turns out they were already fans!  My colleague, C, says Hannibal kept her captivated through the backtracking and imaginations, and though it may be confusing at times if she doesn't follow consistently, she likes that it is fast-paced, unique cutting styles to get different perspectives and will only find out more towards the end of an episode. 

I quote her,
"The relationship between Will and Hannibal is like a strange romance between the two of them, and I can't wait to see how this further develops" 
I really recommend this website for fans of Hannibal as you can read all about the characters and storylines in detail.

But for more behind-the-scenes and revelation of plot every week, go download this app on your smartphone to interact with particular scenes as you watch the show.

This second screen Hannibal viewing app is available through iTunes for all iOS mobile phones and tablets and is meant to accompany the drama as it synchronises to each episode as it airs live, and also use audio watermarking technology that will trigger it to synchronise during video playback. 

You will be able to access exclusive Hannibal content, learn more about characters, watch relationships unfold and access behind-the-scenes footage. Integrated social media elements will enable viewers to interact directly with the show and other fans in a hosted Hannibal community.

I believe this will further your interest for Hannibal, as you can clarify or find out more information about the story through this app. 

Last but not least, Hannibal is aired every Tuesday at 10pm (for Singapore) on AXN (Ch 511)

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