Wednesday, February 5, 2014

#Bigbangwedding Flowers + Mini Review of Bisoufleur

It was only in the later part of the wedding planning that I found out I really like floral decorations. Turns out that I just didn't like the standard floral options and/or how the hotels usually do their 'package' arrangements.

My hand bouquet was decided some time after I got engaged because I loved it the moment I saw it online. I only held back because there was still plenty of time to the wedding then (still 2012) and decided to only order it in early 2013.

It's true when they say is DIY brides' best hunting ground. My 20-stem hand bouquet was sourced there, created by RBKCreations. While her forte is to make button and felt bouquets, she could customize one for me with lego pieces and felt pieces.

I selected the type of "leaves" I want, and let her decide on the ribbon and space (star/moon) elements. She was quick in her replies on etsy mail, and I gave her the color scheme using a pinterest picture.

Before she mailed them she also took some pictures and sent them to me:

Bloom to brighten up the room 
Stars x hidden lego pieces

The whole process took less than 2 months. Honestly I cannot remember the price for the bouquet now, but I remember it being the same price as a real floral bouquet in Singapore, only that I can keep mine forever muahaha. The plan was to use it as part of my house decor.  Shipping was about USD $28-30. The package came in a box with a thank you card.

Perhaps I should also have ordered the groom's boutonnières and corsages from her as well, but I wanted something else at that time...


For our solemnization venue it was part of a package so we didn't get much of a say, except for the colour theme. Nevertheless, Chere Weddings still helped us put up simple rose decorations on the chairs along the aisle. Even though I couldn't have the entire walkway scattered with ombre rose petals (expensive!), I got a pleasant surprise with the gradual ombre rose petals that lined our aisle. Thank you Bendy and Wei Wei!


The colour scheme here was not accurate but I think we managed to pull it off. :D


As for our banquet, the VIP table centerpiece looks like this:

I had much help with this. Having to make some cost-saving measures, once again I could only work around with minimal choices provided by the hotel's florist (meh). I am liking the bold clash of colours here.  Hiring a florist to do up all the 2 venues would probably have cost us about $3,000 more. But I would say definitely go for it if you're having a complete outdoor wedding!


Believe it or not, all the boutonnières and corsages (including groom's and parents') were only found a week before the wedding because I forgot about them lol. The downside of having NO planner and NO package means I have to do everything myself.

I found Bisoufleur (currently she is only on instagram) at a flea market -- Public Garden to be exact.

It was also Pearly's first time as a vendor there I just so happen to see her very nice booth and we had a quick lovely chat. Over the next few days I confirmed the orders. I kinda just told her what I don't want, and left the decision making to her.

Samantha helped me collect them the night before the wedding and brought them over in the morning. Here's what she prepared for us:

Wild flower (Metalasia - Eryngium mix) corsages with mint green ribbon and twine for the girls

It goes so well with their mint green dresses! ^^

Deep red roses from Ecuador with yellow Craspedia for the guys:

I think most of them were too busy that day, the places were a bit messy and we misplaced some boutonnières. My mothers didn't wear theirs for dinner and didn't see the brothers wear them too. :(

The best part is the flower corsages have dried up, are wearable and still looks very lovely.

Gotta love 'em wild flowers! I got a bouquet of flowers from Bisoufleur for Lunar New Year too (on my instagram).

Thank you to the hardworking and talented Pearly!

On Bisoufleur

Personal ratings - 
Service: 4.5/5
Quality: 4/5
Design: 5/5
Price: 3.5/5


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