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#Bigbangwedding Wedding Videographers - Octopost Production & Androids in Boots

Of all the vendors we had to find, looking for the ideal videographer was super time consuming. The process is super tiring to the point that we had to take naps in between searches lol. We have browsed through countless numbers of videographers and watched so many pre-wedding and AD weddings videos.

We met up with a few videographers before deciding on Octopost for Pre-wedding and Androids in Boots for AD videography.

Shooting Tuesday Report
While couples choose to reenact how they met, CG and I had got together in a very uninteresting manner so no point highlighting. Lol. Moreover, Channel 8's Tuesday Report had captured most of that. You can watch the full video here:

Tuesday Report - Marriage Matters - Episode 3 from Thiang on Vimeo.

I feel very lucky to have that opportunity given, thank you Sheryl and Ka Swan. :)

Pre-wedding Videoshoot
I started with local vendors and decided that they are either too expensive, or shooting style didn't appeal to us. One day while browsing, I saw this pre-wed video and was SOLD. Completely SOLD.

It still remains one of my favourite pre-wedding videos of all time. The video is funny, creative and cute all in one.

Octopost is based in Kuala Lumpur. I got in contact with Kiang, met up with him once when he was in Singapore and the rest was history. To be honest we wanted to engage him for this AD videography services as well because we enjoyed their works tremendously. BUT it was not meant to be as they were already booked one year in advance by another couple.

Kiang and his team came up with the fiction story and script. The shoot was supposed to split into three days, but CG was infected with Shingles during that period so we rescheduled and the only time left to shoot was during the Deepavali weekend. We drove up to KL, spent five days there, of which we shot two days and two nights, started at 8am and went back to sleep only at 1am). Damn shag but had a lot of fun though. :D

We shared the trailer video on Facebook a week before the wedding:

This trailer is done in one shot.

We presented the pre-wedding video at our dinner banquet:

Behind-the-scenes video shared on Facebook after the wedding, keepsake for memories there:

CG has plenty of acting opportunities but this was a first for me, quite nervous doing it. Hehe, the team is a fun + funny bunch and pleasant to 'work' with.

Personal ratings - 
Service: 5/5 (they had to do a rushed edit because our wedding was less than a month away after the shoot!)
Quality: 5/5 (our friends and families had a good laugh, guests liked it) 
Price: 4/5 (as compared to other Singaporean competitors and what their package included)

OctoPost 章鱼后制
Location: Kota Damansara, Malaysia 
Tel: 03-61423176

Actual Day Videography

We do not like hard-selling. There was an upmarket videography recommended by our ROM planner, there featured some interesting works on their Facebook too. When we went over to their new office, most of the time the guy just wanted us to confirm with them a package with pre-wedding videography even when we already said we already got somebody else for it. All we wanted was to get to know them and their style better then talk about the rates, but we felt so coerced. :/

Meeting Will from Androids was a casual affair. We met at Starbucks one Saturday and this guy also very funny, left his laptop, wallet and bag with us some 15 mins into the meeting to go to the washroom. I guess we look trustworthy. :D Hahaha.

I don't quite know how to describe the style, but I felt that it was more honest and quaint, like an art film. We were especially drawn to the videos of Ryan + Jessica:

So beautiful and touching. The second time we meet Will was the week before the wedding already. Androids set up a new office just opposite PA. Androids also provide very good photography services but once again, we already found our photographer by then. :)

Ending this post with our Same-day-edit Wedding Video!

The Right Choice (Same-Day-Edit) from AndroidsinBoots (Still+Motion) on Vimeo.

Personal ratings - 
Service: 5/5
Quality: 5/5 (watching it makes us feel grown up lol, plus my dad loves it!). Will also managed to use the song I picked and worked it into the SDE, hehe.
Price: 3.5/5

Androids in Boots

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