Tuesday, February 25, 2014

#Bigbangwedding Makeup & Hair - Eesha KE

I think this entry is more like just on hair and no makeup. Hahaha.

The first time I met Eesha I was very excited because I always wanted to meet a non-local makeup artist.

She's so pretty in real life! And I cannot believe she's a mother of 2 kids (already in primary school), how the hell does she look SO good? I remember being convinced by her physical appearance and own makeup lol.

We had a quick chat, and found her very straight forward. We checked her schedule and booked the dates.

One week before the shoot, I went to colour my hair at PACT + LIM and was super pleased with the results. Received plenty of compliments for the following 2 months ^^. My hairstylist did a chestnut brown base with light pink highlights.

The highlights were done mainly because I know it will look great in braids and I know I want to braid my hair. As compared to curls, braids work much more better for me la.  

In the morning we worked on my face for 2 hours, then she curled my hair but they didn't last long as we went outdoor and I was perspiring quite a bit. It didn't help that I am born with very straight hair so during the shoot I kinda felt like my first hairstyle was wasted. :/

Preparing my second look + hairstyling took the longest time, she crimped and braided my hair to give it some volume.  We topped it off with a veil and ready to be photographed!  This is one of my favourite hairstyle. :D

During the shoot we were running overtime so the third hairstyle was done rather quickly. We let down the bottom half of my hair.

Trial - hair weaved into a big 'bun'

I absolutely LOVE getting my hair done/styled because I believe that it can change how a person look and feel.

Accessories provided by my MUA

Her home studio was cozy, and we only had time to do a hair trial and discussion for hair accessories. We didn't go through a trial makeup at all. Come to think of it, I really trust my MUA a lot huh, no trial at all and I leave my face up to her on one of the most important day of my life heh.

I would love to have hairstyle like these but they weren't suitable for the entire day as it wouldn't hold too.

On my wedding day, Eesha surprised me with this elaborate braided hairstyle!

I look so full of hair, my face looks smaller right? Hurhur.

My fav braidssssss

I didn't have time to take a proper pic, this was taken after my solemnization and became messy already. Loose strands of hair all over the place caught in my zippers, hairclips and what not, I'm super chorlor like that.

1st march-in -

Atom hairstyle lol

I'm still not sure that I like this until now, because it made me look old and face quite big. But would you believe me if I said it was supposed to look like atoms? Hahaha

Hair for second march in; with my glowing flower hair pin :D

As for makeup, I think most brides have to decide whether you want a light/ natural look or heavier makeup on the AD. For the former option, you will look very pretty to all the guests you meet on the actual day because the makeup amount is just right. However in photos, you may appear washed out and with normal to no makeup. I opted for a heavier makeup as I want my photographs to turn out good.

Heavier makeup so that I can look OK in photos
Since I am not skilled in makeup, I really didn't have a preference or know whether it's good or bad. As long the makeup stays, I'm cool. :)

Personal ratings - 
Service: 5/5 (she reached my place even before I woke up on both occasions fml hahaha O_O)
Design: 4/5
Price: 3.5/5

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