Sunday, February 23, 2014

#Bigbangwedding: Wedding Shoes

There are so many aspects of the wedding to take note of and shoes are quite important to me. I do not like heels that are like this:

I call them the Anna Nucci style.  Cannot, I really cannot.

But I am also not cool enough to wear sneakers (walao, I how short already) too, so I had to hunt for shoes that fit my personality.

I don't know how many pairs of shoes the bride usually wears but I prepared 4 pairs to go with-

1) Main white gown

Because my dress is loooooong, I wanted a pair that is really high (enough) to make myself look taller. I'm below 1.6m.

Tip: Break into the new heels and practise walking at home if you don't wear high heels often!

Satin x glitter in dusty pink 

This was also my favourite pair among the lot because it is so damn comfortable and stable I can run in it. I was told I walked too fast for a bride on the actual day hahaha. The best part of it all was this was bought from Primark when I was in London, so it's really cheap and SUPER worth the price. Lol.

2) Red kwa/kua

I sourced for this with C during our overseas trip. It's not easy to find a pair of flats/slippers to match the traditional costume because the material and colours differ. I did find some flats that were of made of lousy material and the round toe design just makes me look and feel old. This pair consists of a low heel and point toe design which elongates my feet and legs again! Very pretty pair but I won't get to wear it again.  It was the correct size and very comfortable as well, it didn't bite throughout the tea ceremony or chit-chat session.

A dragon and phoenix embroidery on each side :) 

Side view of heel

Near mint condition! No scratches/scuffs.

I am currently renting/selling the kua (size S, will blog about this separately) and the heels (Size 38/ UK 5/ US 7), do email me or drop me a message if you're interested! :)

3) Casual wear  

Past season of Irregular Choice's panda sandals, just because it makes such a cute statement. Goes well with most basics anyway... A few aunties told me that brides shouldn't be barefoot on the wedding day (don't know true or not), so I had to wear footwear all day. Considering I already have three pairs of heels, so preparing a pair of slippers/flats/sandals is advisable. :) By the end of the dinner, I was so relieved to have my pandas with me.  

4) Evening gown 

To go with my shorter night gown, I wanted something spunky or fun to with my skirt design. It was supposed to look futuristic since I had lights on. ;D One day while surfing instagram and I found the perfect pair -

Jeffrey Campbell's Stering Light
You have no idea how disappointed I was when I saw that it was sold out on Karmaloop, Nastygal, Urbanoutfitters, Solestruck... there were no restocks too.

Luckily at that point I still had time so I looked for alternatives, which was my knock off pair of Charlotte Olympia Eclipse's platform heels. It was quite costly yet difficult to walk and wobbly :(

Replica of the designer shoes which still fits the wedding theme 
Cute moon face

But luck was on my side when I found a pair online less than 3 months to the wedding! Anyway, don't know why the lights only available in white and non-flashing, but it works so I'm not complaining. Could it also be a fake? Or factory made this pair with the wrong lights? It's okay :D

This pair hurt A LOT after a while due to the narrow front design. Even buying one size bigger didn't help.

Also in trend with the lucite heel trend ah

Switch and light up!

But yeah, creating the perfect "look" for my dress more important so...

... hehe.


stephen louis said...

I am looking for Vera Wang Wedding Shoes for my marriage which will be in next month. I really want to buy white colored shoes which look good with my dress. Please give your great recommendations on it.

Thiang! said...

All the best for your wedding! I think due to the limited time, you might just want to spend a day at Orchard and try the departmental stores like ION, Tangs or maybe the new Robinsons? Powered by Blogger.