Sunday, June 11, 2006

I feel homed.

I think not going Pulau Ubin is perhaps a blessing in disguise. I'm not typing at my Gu Jie's place. She's my babysitter since i was 2 months old, not that I'm still a baby now.

Truth be told, I feel me emotionally attached here. THEY TALK TO ME.

Last night I reached at near 11pm, and later went down to the void deck to find Gu Jie. She was with a bunch of residents nearby chatting and eating, the usual stuff. Edwin's mom was there too! She couldn't recognize me! And she phoned Edwin on the spot claiming that i wanted to find him.-.-" So anyway, after 10 years I hear Edwin's voice. Gosh, heard he has changed tremendously. Haha. Perhaps I'll bump into him someday. Wen Jun says he's a giant of his age(16). Hilarious.

I called Claire and went over to her place. While walking over, I almost tripped. But the most scary of all, I saw this dog. It was white and all, staring at me and standing tall. I came to a halt and tried to back away. But to my horror, it started to follow me. I panicked and called. I hastened my pace and tried to find another way out. I broke into cold sweat. After a smart turn, I hurried into the lift and all the way up to the 25th. Phew, what a close shave, but it hadn't ended. Shimmy came running out and barked. I was taken aback and started to shiver a little. For the next 2 hours, she was locked in, and she knew it was my fault. Sorry Shimmy, I was too timid.

Claire, Wen Jun and I just sat and watched Shimmy. We chatted for 2 hours and it was actually not enough. I'm always happy hanging around them. No troubles. Gu Jie phoned several times to ask me when I was going back. And so the night ended at 1+am, I slowly walked back. Joanned came home from work. She bathed, and then I bathed. I chatted a little with her last night and 30 mins ago. I chatted with Gu Jie till 3am or so, and fell asleep. Oh, the inner feelings are hard to describe, and never easy to put them into words. So, I'll just keep inside.

NDP practice was boring, and I couldn't really get my steps right. After that we went Bugis, and I Jue Yi joined in too. Tagging along Yong Xuan, Connie, Jia Ling and Jeremy, we had supper and they went to search for Kenrick's birthday present.

Connie injured her thigh! It looks swollen, green, purple and blue all at the same time. Ow, it seems painful. And Jeremy had to send her home. Thanks to their 'support', Jue Yi was obliged to send me to Gu Jie's place. Yong Xuan and Jue Yi seemed to hit off well, exchanging numbers and chatting. Haha. ODD! Jue Yi smsed me at 6am+ to go over to tampines to get Yong Xuan's wanted mini tripod stand! And JY's coming over to Kallang! Gosh, unbelievable nice man.

It's 1pm and I'm going to prepare. To go Kallang. And DANCE. x( I'm leaving Gu Jie's place sooner than I had thought. What a fast night.

<3 <3 How's the new skin people? <3

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