Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Random + Impromtu = Randomtu.

As I promise Aini that I would update my blog tonight, I will carry out my promise. See, I'm an ideal non-promise-breaker. xD

Just want to say I had a great day yesterday, apart from the impromtu speech I gave that nobody can remember what I say AT ALL. Damn, I just don't want to think about it anymore. The dinner was great:
Kimo and Marvin
Eileen and Benson
Joanne and Shy
Jue Yi and I.

The 8 people. I had a fun time. And I was kinda disappointed we had to leave so soon though.
Jue Yi and I took photos using his MacBook Pro on bus. We were so lethargic and bored, and hence had to engage in some dumb activities. Haha. May post them, depends eh? Anyway, only when we're departing, topics started to surge up to the surface and it's like we got so many things to say at one time. But, it's not like we're not seeing each other anymore, so I guess it'll be fine. GREAT time drinking strawberry milk eh? Hahaha.

Anyway, last night I slept at 2 plus. And I had to go into MSN. It had been ages since I went inside. And the first person who IM-ed me was HIM. Yes, the one i want to avoid so badly. Grr. I've seen him for the past 2 days at the wrong times. The sight of him made me feel inferior, in short. Oops, I went out of point. So yup, I dozed off on my bed with my specs in my hands, clip on my hair and DARN! handphone beside my brain! Just think about how many brain cells I killed with my own hands! I don't want to get cancer and die at 40. Darrick's death counter said I would live till 73 of ripe old age. Hehe. Shucks lah, I don't want to be any dumber, coz' I'm stupid enough to do many wrong things already!

TODAY! I announce it's WAI YEE'S BIRTHDAY!
Here I'm going to wish her A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
I hope I can see her on Friday though. Everybody's changing. She has changed alot too.
I browse through her fllckr photos and it's like I got so much to tell her.
Oh well, good times gone. Moving over. Sadly.

Tell me why, I'm always the one not hanging out individually with the girls. Sobs.
Poly classmates I've made so far are very nice people. I hope things will change from now onwards. Not like secondary school anymore. I shall not be tied down by the foul memories. I should get a new start.

One thing I realised, is that I STILL LOVE PEANUT BUTTER! I ate it with bread almost every morning, probably that's why I'm late for school. Haha.

I got a fetish for Hokkien Mee and Yong Tau Foo nowadays. And I seriously had put on some weight. Victor and sister said I've became rounder. x( I will go exercise during the 2 week holiday. Since I'm free. Why? I'll explain.

You see, it's the SINGAPORE SALE NOW! Plus, the freakin' 2 weeks worth of holidays for me to go havoc. But guess what? I'm penniless now that I can't afford basic necessities and food. GRR. I guess I'll just be cooping up in my room, doing my own things. I'll never be free at home anyway. Hees. Sigh. I hope it's a good rest too. And I want to spend more time with him. Wahaha, more DVD time!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

The bad thang is: the lecturers in school gave us work to do! "Bloody hell." Haha.

Accents/slangs are very popular. Phillipinno, Hong kong and Indian are the prominent ones. Hilarious. I still haven't fully gotten over the Rusell Peter video. Out of randomness, I go," Say my name...say my name..." " Ah.....ah..... *tongue click*Bileh!" SO MUCH FUN CAN.

I had my first NYDC meal today! Super expensive! I paid $20 in total for a soda and pasta. The drink was HUGE and not very nice. However, the moment the pasta touched my lips. OMG, I felt good man. Haha. ITALIAN FOOD! How long have it been snce we kept in touch?! What made this meal great was also of the waitress name Debbie. I think she should win an award or somthing for such great serving attitude and promptness. Role model, I salute you. Oh I had lunch with Melena, KIMO!, Aini and Eunice. IAC groupmates.

Last thing now, I'm not going Pulau Ubin this Saturday anymore! Sad right, Samuel? Sigh. I can't do apceiling, cycling and island touring. I missed the marvellous opportunity to lose some pounds. GRR. Because of NDP dance and the compulsory iLife workshop. Boo.x(

Oh gosh, I miss the sounds of waves crashing and watching the guys play stunt bikes all of the sudden.
That's what I call Random + Impromtu = Randomtu.

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