Sunday, April 29, 2007

QD Gathering

The BBQ cum the last minute stayover was a BLAST. It was fun. My first time staying over at friend's place just for the sake of it! :)

No choice, conservative parents. But anyway, I still made it! It's fun but I think sleep is still crucial somewhat. Now I can hardly open my eyes and yet in 5, I'll have to force myself to put on hard lens and then dance for 4 hours and then heading for a buffet dinner for 2 hours, before heading home. Like it's not tiring enough, I still need to complete 49 friendship bands by tomorrow morning and I have a print the class's letter and finish the last of my thank-you notes. Darn. This night is going to get tough.

Ok, I'm going to be late. Details of the stayover probably tomorrow after meeting, where I'll be free till evening! Yay. And TADA, GRAFFITI GIRLS outing. Finally. :D

On another note, I have NO IDEA where I got my 18 mosquito bites. Dammit. I'll have to wear jeans for the entire week already. As if my legs are not ugly enough! :( Why target me?!!! :(


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