Sunday, August 5, 2007

iSight is sooo COOL

You know Macbook is equipped with iSight. And with iSight, it's equipped with Photobooth (what a cool name, I know, sounds so exciting already!). Thus, on Thurs when everybody's stressed up with Web Design and Newspaper, here's what we did under the underpass!

Here's a racist truth, I think iSight was never built to erm, shoot black people? Because whenever Sujith tried to join us in those special effects photos, he just can't seem to be visible at all. Sigh, so much for [DESIGNED IN CALIFORNIA, made in china]. Well, Eil and I tried to accomodate though, and tried to make Sujith laugh, but to no avail. Only a sulky Sujith says he doesn't want to take pictures anymore. Here's the evidence.

As you can tell, Sujith is barely visible. :( Poor thing.

This was supposed to have contrasting effects. But err, by the blue glow on Sujith's face we know that it's being racist again. 0.0

The sepia mode seems to be working fine though.

I love the fisheye effect. I think now my face looked elongated. YES! I never wanted a square face. :(
(+ lomo effect, it would be quirky. I like.)

I totally agree that Eil looks like Nezha. Please nod in agreement.

With The black, The Very White and The Brown, and together... I am The Colour Palette. :D

But Eil and I still had one hell of a time though. It's soooo fun, that Eil can't stop.

By now Sujith had given up. Eil had this fetish for erm, puffy things.

i lurrvee the comic book effect. It's like I'm part of a story, fabricated. All beauty, and no brutal truth...

Living a life full of happiness, encased in a comic book...

We asked Suijth to smile hard, so that you could see his white, white set of teeth. Eil and I had consented not to open our mouts. Because we tend to have black, black sets of teeth. =.=

I bet you can't see Sujith.

This is our X-ray results, and we've been cursed by the Aztec Gold.

I think Eil looked pretty in this. I was trying to mimick Wei Long's Smile.

Sutjith out of the frame.

On a sidenote, Aaron, don't worry, I'll remove everything that I've done on your laptop, give it a good scrub (without water of course) and return back to you next week. :)

I was fiddling with Comic Life (super cute) and conjured something simple.

Mac has cool programmes all right. :)

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