Sunday, August 12, 2007

Something New

I know this is three days late. But still, my spanking new!(not smackin' new =.=") Macbook has arrived on Fri afternoon! *cheers*

Yah lah , nothing amazing like the black version one or the expensive one, however, I bet you yearn to have one too.

Woo! Looks like it's for storing eggs~
Bloody hell, Bruce and Princess only told me that school will provide all the free softwares, which means purchasing a Mac from outside will be cheaper. @#%$^&*(&^$%#$@# I paid like $400 more? Grr.

It's so white, you may think that Christmas came earlier this year. :D

I've also formatted and customized my laptop. What with super-duper cute icons, Firefox add-ons, Mac games, Harry Potter screensaver, POTC comic wallpaper, and many more. Don't you wanna take a look? (I aint' accept No.)

In additon, yesterday I bought a cheap and sleek laptop cover for it. I was considering between the $13 one with the Mickey Mouse one, but the 12" is too small, 15" is too big. SO I assumed it t be fated. :)

My Saturday was spent, at the National Library (not for borrowing books, mind you). Ms Editor called for meeting at Bugis, which I was late by 2 1/2 hours. *looks around*. Well, I slept only at 5, it's understandable right?

They were desperately looking for plugs, and we sat at the prominent spot of lobby (where they've three plugs in a row!), so gleeful.

We were chased away by the Librarian. Once.

Twice, at the 12th floor 'lobby'. (Tyler and Wei Long kept making lame and sarcastic jokes about him)

The third time is at Exhibition Area at the 10th floor, and we had to go to The Retreat, which apparently got many Africans there.

It's like this mini jungle, it's so weird because there isn't enough space, and we're sitting on the gravel, doing Newspaper layout. =.=

I was VERY GROUCHY and hungry and ate the wrong food ($6.50 leh! Tmd.) and felt all queasy.

So I took my cam and went to the railings to rest.

Suj thought I took pictures of myself. (He thinks I'm a camwhore) The swimming pool of the InterContinental Hotel sure looks small. Hur. NO idea why this looks as though it's my house pool. Hahaha.

I saw the DHL hot air balloon in the skies before in landed. And it made me remember I'm supposed to take this trip with Vic but that day it rained, and we never talked about this anymore. BTW, the trip is costly, like around $32 for one round.

The only blooming flower visible in the garden. The rest were all big green leaves. I wanted to see if I can take good flower photos like the pros. (Haha).

All these I never edit with Photoshop one okay!

Funny thing the flowers have got black tips, so I didn't dare to touch it, for fear I might be poisoned or get a rash. *Shudders*

This is my favourite photo! <3

Ok, gotta rush.

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