Sunday, September 9, 2007

Boys Toys

Thiang's eyes have (grammatical?) got problems. Nowadays, it keeps tearing and/or a lot of excretions. It's sensitive to strong light, and lazy to open, thus having eyelid problems too. Sigh. I think my eyes are infected. :(

The past two days was spent doing boy stuffs.

1) Bike helmet! Bikes! Biker!

Victor bought this helmet in the hope that he could use it after he got his bike license (duh), but it's not allowed to be used in Singapore. No idea why though, but my head feels safe. Heh.

My 1 minute bike ride home was driven by Dwaye. I have no idea why I was shivering so badly even when he only drives at, say 40km/h? I'm thinking coz' I'm too cold, fear of falling, or exposed(mini dress!), I really don't think it's because I'm nervous to be so close to him. Hmmm.

2) Gundam

This awesome model we completed in 6-8 hours time. Cool huh? I love fixing these. :D

3) Girls

Ok lah, I know they won't be our standard, just trying to put these photos in. And it's true guys can't live without the females, vice-versa!

This hasn't been blogging, because I'm busy packing the clothes. Argh.

My stomach is bulging. When you lightly press my abdomen, it hurts. I'm worried. Moreover, I have a tummy now. Time to exercise when I come back.

Zhao Rong has given some very constructive comments on my blog design, and I'm going to make some changes once I'm free. :) It's not that easy to work on other people's blogskin using HTML codes.

Uh ok, very very tired. Bye.

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