Saturday, September 15, 2007


Thiang thiang thiang thiang!

It feels like I've been away for a very long time. But it was merely 6 days.

The awesome Korea days are over, and back to uh, sigh, Singapore. :(

A week ago, Act 20 actors and crew members attended the Thank-You party.

Other than the little mingling, it wasn't fun at all. Boo.
So anyway, a few of us wasted 2 and a half hours just deciding where to go before settling down at the Starbucks at Clarke Quay, which was really dumb actually, considering that we walked along the Central and all the cafes and bars were full.

And yes, that's the day Dwayne drove me home! Coolness.

The following day was a bit of a rush. Supposedly, Vic wanted to visit my Gu Jie as well, but his friend's EZ-link card was with him, and he had to sent it over to Tampines.

I also bought my gingham maryjanes, which turned out tight. :( It made my feet sweat so now I have smelly feet. ( I wore this to Korea luh, can you imagine?)

Anyway, Gu Jie was surprised when I stepped into her house. Muahaha.

Gu Jie = used to be my babysitter whom dotes on me ALOT
Joyce = Her eldest daughter
Joanne= Her second daughter
Cheryyln = Joyce 13-months baby

She does resemble her mom a lot, and both Gu Jie and Joanne agreed I look almost like her when I'm young. Quite true. So cute.

She wasn't aware I was taking her photos, she didn't allow coz' she thinks she looks awful and fat. I think otherwise. :)

This one looks like your Daddy! Haha!

She's working in the States, came back for a short holiday. She's slimmed down and getting prettier! :D

She gave me one of her detergent pen. Haha. Cute, handy thing.

I'm a tad bit lazy to sort out the 350 photos(excluding sis's and mom's) and 2 videos of the Korea trip.

But I can tell you, I made a couple of Singaporean friends, one studying in Ireland, 1 Korean hunk and 1 pretty lady of Korea! :)

Heh heh. I missing Korea, and the koreans.


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