Saturday, November 3, 2007

Losing Grip

Note: Blogged on 2 Nov o7.

I can’t believe I’m wasting my precious school hours just to travel all the way down to Lavender to collect my IC. I could have used it to catch up with my school work, listen to Wei Long’s show or uh, talk to people.

I’m blogging this while the train bypassed Queenstown, and there is this strong that’s pushing my back, making me desire to go visit Gu Jie…

As mentioned in the previous post, I was going to load this piece of memory into my blog, the TV Production day on Halloween. Normally during workshop, we seldom whip out our cameras and snap away, it is just so random we started behaving like real crew members and hosts. :D

For starters, we rotated roles and I had chance being the host (Yay!), then cameraman, followed by the graphic person and lastly, the director. To be honest, it finally dawned on me I’m bad handling with video cameras. As much as I want to prove other people wrong, I really have trouble controlling the movements, especially with a height like mine, it’s really difficult trying to maneuver the heavy machinery. ☹

However, I think I think a pretty good job being the director, switcher and hosts, all of those roles that play a major part as well. I digress a little, but for my upcoming attachment next semester, I’ve picked TV as my second choice, next to Radio. ☺ So I’ve made up my mind to do well in TV, so that I can go to Beijing in 2008 for the special making for Olympics with 4 lecturers and 35 other outstanding students!

Now I’m making my way back to school and I’m feeling a tad out of place, reason is some odd mid-thirties men are looking at me, making me itch in my seat. Another would be this Caucasian sitting next to me, I hope he doesn’t shift his eyes to my screen, just focus on his female friend. There’s something about Caucasians that I like, it seems like no matter what, I will always find something very attractive about them to look at. Hmm. So, I’m kinda nervous now as well. Hur hur.

Firstly, I was the host. The soundman had to check my microphone, the cameraman the framing etc. To show you how cheeky, naughty and annoying Selwyn can get, check out my shoulders. It’s already tough for me to sit on a high chair, and in addition, I have to balance Sam’s Hoot Hoot and Helen’s broken arm.

Right, you might now know who’s Helen. Nah, look.

Selwyn pulling out Helen’s hand and them having fun. :D

Being the typical Thiang, I would ask others how I look on screen etc, and I’m glad I have positive remarks, except that my complexion is shiny (oily, if you get the point).

Out of nowhere, Selwyn pulled out a toy gun from somewhere neat the table and Mag and I just fooled around with it. Heh heh. Plus, how the studio looks like:

Directing a TV programme is very challenging in my opinion, not only do you have to give precise commands, you have to also take note of the filming, music, graphic and being tactful at the same time.

{Ok, the smell of this cabin is unbearable, I want to get out of here ASAP. Woah, BTH!}

Here’s my teacher:

I’m reaching Dover! Yay. I’m nearing school. I’m nearing… happiness. :P

P.S {Oh yes! On bus 74 now, and there’s two Caucasian eye candies for me. :P }
{{Walao, a guy sitting opposite me is playing PSP.}}

I'm sorry for this very unconventional post. My life's starting to screw, pretty badly. I'm lost track, I'm confused, I'm out of time and energy, I'm outta my mind.

Till I get back on my feet,


My heart skipped a bit, when I think of you.

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