Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Going Bonkers


I seem to be in a foul mood in the last entry! :P

No worries (well, it’s not like you worried at all), Thiang is happy again! :D (Thanks Fung for your blessing, hur.) The reason behind this is because I had an AWESOME weekend, and I mean it. Even though I didn’t touch on any assignments at all, I still feel satisfied and contented over the weekend. It seems to me that I didn’t waste a single minute, and that’s how I would like my life to be! :D

Friday after dance practice, we were let off pretty early, I headed to Holland V to look for Heatwave seniors and found out that they are really funny people. Haha. I can almost imagine Kenneth’s expression and Nadhirah’s enthusiastic face. Ya lah, and Neng’s outfit (there, that typical long-sleeve/polo with bermudas). :D

Coincidentally, I found out that I have a couple of Heatwave DJs’ pictures I took two weeks ago.

This is Serena. She’s very sweet-looking right??! If I were a guy, I think I might be attracted to her. :D By the way, she’s a part-time DJ like me, just that she’s my junior. ☺

This is Mal. He is a funny Indian. But people say all Indians are funny in a way or another, do you agree? Haha. If I’m not mistaken, I think he likes Chinese girls. Haha. By chance, I saw him doodled on his notebook or something, and what talent he has! :D

Haha, so cute uh? He’s the first Indian I know who actually enjoys drawing.

Heatwave’s current Programme Director is none other than Lee Neng Hao, also known as Tall Boy.

Augh, just note that he looks spastic when he’s in front of cameras.

Lastly, my classmate/odd pal, Wei Long! Now, I just realized he has the tendency to go “AND……erm” in an annoying/funny(w/ nasal voice) way when he’s hosting. :P

On Saturday, I worked my legs off at Junction 8 (for standing on my feet for 7 hours), and the sales were SOOO bad. ☹ The job is quite mundane and boring. =.= Really.

My favourite part of the job is getting to be the cashier! Even counting the stocks daily, is more fun than giving out free 2008 calendar during shift hours. At least Dao Kai came to find me at 4pm and bought a torch keychain from me! ☺ Thanks!

We headed to Coffeebean and chatted for a couple of hours before we went Suntec. I happen to see Onion at J8 as well! Hur.

On the way to Suntec, Dao Kai and I bypassed this marketing gimmick/ creative advertising:

{Nope, I do not wish to explain to you. :P}

From 7pm onwards, Cindy, Dao Kai and I went for a K Golden session! Only at around 9 plus did Yan Zhi appear. I’m sure all of us had an awesome time, singing to old hits (Reallllly old songs), and the cooliest ones. :P

Eventually we were so ‘high’ we were basically screaming singing. It was so much fun! Heh. On the down side, the bill choked up to $31 per head. Scary shite. And I didn’t have dinner. ☹

Just merely a day ago, I was at Bishan Park performing with D3, and Neng and Dao Kai came to support me. They both had trouble finding the location and reached only just in time to catch me dance. Haha, lucky!

We did a remix for Whine Up, and was asked to do an encore because the emcee wanted to sabotage the organizer (Charlie) and crew/staff. I was super shagged, and I was already forcing every bit of my body to excrete energy to keep my body dancing.

After the dance, I asked Charlie here to take a photo with me.

If you don’t know who he is, go watch Phoa Chu Kang please. I truly believed every Singaporean had watched at least one episode of PCK before, and you would know that Charlie is the subordinate of Chu Kang. No?

Remember “Eh Boss Boss! Can I have my tau huay break now?” with him, wobbling in that retarded manner? So cute! :D

My body was limp and sweaty when I met Neng under a tree. I introduced both of them to one another, and throughout the Coffeebean session at AMK Hub, I knew they could get along well. =.= They talked about everything under the sun, to the point that I actually stopped talking and played with Dao Kai’s O2 instead. Hur hur, it’s a good thing anyway! ☺

Dinner was SUPERB/FABULOUS at Ichiban Sushi, the queuing was all worthwhile! The atmosphere was right, music was good and most importantly, very yummy food! It still puzzles me why I dared tried every single food I haven’t tried before in my entire life. (Maybe it's the company, maybe it's a new experience) Haha, but I didn’t regret it at all. I was stuffed with good food. ☺

Everything was so natural, fulfilling and nice. We three people dwelled into deeper topics about love, life and family. Thank you both for those inspiring chit-chat sessions. I will work hard.

You, might be too nice to be true. How ah how? *coughs*

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