Sunday, November 25, 2007


Just when you thought spending Sunday in Ngee Ann Poly was bad enough, I ended up alone at the National Library (Lee Kong Chian Reference Section: Social Sciences), spending my afternoon at a freezing temperature of 18 degrees celcius with no jacket.

You know sometimes in life we encounter dilemmas, irony and contradictions and you just don't know what to do so that you could do it RIGHT? In one week, I've been stumbling upon so many barriers I hardly can walk anymore.

I was laughing to myself on Friday when I was reading the mail from NuffNang Marketing. It was a generated message informing me that I have an incoming ad this Sunday (today) from Motorola. And moments ago I was just blogging about I love its competitors' (Nokia) free Wifi service on-board bus. What a coincidence, no?

Then I'll have to start thinking if I should delete that new blog entry, and talk about Motorola' new handphone instead (I did went to read about it leh! {From Advertlets}). See, how contradicting! Yet a few minutes later, Advertlets too, mailed all Singaporean bloggers about an incoming ad, and had to be put at the top of the sidebar, visible at the first page load (which is now already taken by Nuffnang as you can see), thus causing even MORE dilemma.

Life's been a bit*h lately, including those people whom I can mix around with beginning to become extremely short-tempered (ok, maybe myself included but that's because I can't stand the attitude!) Well, I can't blame them anyway if I think about it, everyone's under stress, just that the level of stress might differ. I've been really busy lately, sleeping at 4am and waking up at 7am is such a chore. ( That also explains my horrible skin condition currently.)

It doesn't help that I keep eating and not at all health conscious of what I take in. This is an average meal I ate with a friend:

Teo Chew porridge, pork meat, salted egg, mushroom, Kai Lan, preserved vegetables with meat, one Snow Fish, Teh (ice) and canned carrot juice.

And within the hour:
Other than dedicating time to dance, I had also helped out for my friends in UFM 1003. (Yeah, I'm not a goal-oriented person)

I was being nominated for "Best-dressed" 'fan' (well, supposedly helping out ain't I?). And uhm, you might see me on MyPaper (WoBao) on Tuesday. Hur.

I feel so guilty when I took photo with her because back in 2004 the night the competition was held, I was furiously sms-ing away to Victor (Ho), telling him that I support Wei Lian, and that I had called his number 6 times. On the other hand, Victor preferred Kelly, so he was singing praises to her. To express my unhappiness (I was childish!), I imitated the way she says "Thank You" almost everyday and said she looks average.

However, when I went on stage yesterday, I find her really pretty. Well, although she doesn't have the err, perfect teeth, she's got the legs and head (as in th shape!). If you're asking me whether she looks better in person or on the MV, I would say in person, but I can guarantee you that her figure isn't that fantastic up-close, but good enough nonetheless. Heh.

The fans' gathering was held at Dragonfly (the same location as SIX party), and I've got with me some photos to show.

If you ever want to hold an event that has an extraordinary sound system, pick Dragonfly. The surround sound is so good, you would definitely enjoy the music. Plus, your voice will sound damn nice lah! But then again, because sh*t happens every now and then, there was thrice where the loud shrieking sound heard my ear drums, bad.

The fans of Kelly came prepared with CDs for her to sign, some even wore the "Shakalaka Baby" T-shirt they won (which I want also! :( ).

Needless to say, her first performance was none other than her single hit "Shakalaka Baby", and alongside with 4 dancers, the crowd loved it (including me). Local music ain't that bad afterall.

Following that, Ah Ken continued chatting with her and then invited 4 of her fans to sing her songs, randomly picked from rolls of paper distributed by him.

Alright, Kelly's teaching someone how to pose.

There was this one guy fan, who was very enthusiastic as a matter of fact that attracted everyone's attention.
P.S. Not that he was good. In this kind of situation, it normally means you 'stick out like a sore thumb' and probably weird as well.

Up next was another of her rendition of One Minute of Forever (Yi Miao Zhong De Yong Yuan), which I find pretty good as well.

Following that was another game, and I was kinda confused by the points system anyway. So ya, just look at the pictures luh! She looks very pretty in the second photo, don't she? I take one ok!

Strip of paper torn up by Neng and I are put into a glass cup. On each strip of paper is a question that's going to pose to Kelly. They were right about her being able to speak well now. She managed to answer all her questions promptly without embarrassing herself.

As the event drew to a close, the lucky 'fan' get to pose for a photo with her on stage, using her personal handphone to take a picture as well. Guess what? The person is me. Yay! Oh wow! (Note: There IS sarcasm). But I'm happy. :)

After the Kelly event, there's another Wang Chuan Yi (Idol actor in Huan Huan Ai) event held at Bugis. I have photos of that as well, but it'll have it wait! Hee, sorry.

*Zooms off for dance performance at Serangoon Country Club on a Sunday night*

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