Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Podcast: Invasion of Thiang's House

3 days ago, Dao Kai, Wan Fen (both UFM 100 part-time DJs and Neng Hao came over to my place for some 'work' business. We only reached my place at 11pm, but Mom was of course very pleased to see them come, especially with Dao Kai around. Haha. The two of them spent like a full hour just talking about me, when I was just sitting like, 5 meters away from them.

Anyway, the four of us had hanged around all afternoon after the Kelly's gathering, and we had an awesome at my place (please, not foursome). It's weird how casual it seemed, playing with hula-hoop and keyboard in the middle of the night, and watching YouTube videos at 1am.

The wacky duo came up with a brilliant to 'whack' me. We did a video shoot of my house and my messy room (which I quickly neaten up a little!). So heh, if you're interested to see how my house and room looks like, enjoy the video! :)

Meanwhile, I still have loads to blog about, but then this week's I'm bombarded with loads of work yet again, I'll try my best nevertheless!

P.S. Pardon the quality of the video, it was randomly taken OK!
UPDATED: Apparently, a friend of mine informed me that the video was cut off halfway, am uploading it to YouTube now,hang on! Hee.
UPDATED UPDATED: YouTube sucks. Now I'm trying. :(

UPDATED x3: You can view the full clip HERE.


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