Thursday, November 29, 2007

Yet Another Idol ...

who is better off acting in drama serials, flaunting what they have - appearance.

I mean, are you going to tell me Zai Zai can sing well? I highly doubt so. Just in case you don't know who is this Taiwanese Idol here, he's Wang Chuan Yi, made popular by the recent Taiwanese drama serial, Huan Huan Ai (Change change love). He had released his new EP, including the theme song for the dram serial, named Huan Huan Ai. To listen to the song, read on where I've attached a mini clip of him singing that song at Bugis Junction last Saturday. :)

Although I have said that he doesn't look exactly gorgeous, but I think he looks pretty cool in this one. Hoards of fans. Literally. Hur. Your english name KingOne leh. :P

Because my friend was there to help out, I got these photos from Kelly Loh! :) Xiao Zhu was the host that day to promote his new EP.

Xiao Zhu's giraffe earring damn cute right?! :D

He may be unknown to you, but by judging the number of people who turned up for his event, snatching his signed poster, waving frantically their painted boards, he should have quite a personality huh?

As promised, the video clip of his singing:

You be the judge. *giggles*

Bugis's Christmas decorations! I swear if I have the time, I want to take all the malls' Christmas decoration this year!
After which, Kelly came to find Dao Kai, Neng and I (after the Kelly event) at Vivo. We walked aimlessly for awhile, and we bypassed Coffebean.

Mini gingerbread man. Si-eh adorable right?!
And then there's the big one, even cuter:

Heh heh! And it costs $2.50 each. I want to hang one on my wall. :)

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